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How to Excite Your Partner on Valentine’s Day – Relationship Tips

How to excite your partner o Valentine's Day - FeelXVideos

How to Excite Your Partner on Valentine’s Day – 14 Tips

Spending Valentine’s Day alone when you’re in a long-distance relationship can be frustrating. You’re there, stuck at home, while your partner is half the world away, when all you really want to do is jump on the next plane to be with them.

Not only this, but due to the never ending global pandemic, international travel plans are still up in the air, so you may not be able to fly out to see your lover even if you wanted to.

But, thankfully, all is not lost!

Get closer to your partner this Valentine’s Day, even if you’re thousands of miles apart

There are dozens of ways to get closer to your partner this Valentine’s Day, even if you’re thousands of miles apart.

Messaging apps, online sexual experiences, and interactive sex toys are just a few of ways to bridge the gap between you and your long-distance lover.

Read on for hot tips on how you can use sex tech to create virtual experiences, so you can be together even while apart this Feb 14th.

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1) Send them a voice note

It’s obvious when you think about it, but we often forget the power of the voice as a way to turn up the heat a notch. Your partner is missing you, and they want to hear from you, so why not send them a voice note? Sending a voice memo on Valentine’s Day is a much more intimate way to connect with your partner than simply sending them a text. Voice messages can be used to convey emotion and describe what you are feeling. Use voice notes as the language of love to build tension and create a mood for your partner this Valentine’s Day.

2) Listen to audio erotica together

Who doesn’t love the sounds of sex? Listening to porn can even be more erotic than actually watching a scene. Porn doesn’t have to be visual, and erotic stories listened to together can be just the thing to get you in the mood. Sites like Dipsea have a huge library of audio erotica, including scenes that will spark your imagination and induce sensual feelings of love, as well as ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) tingles that can be a huge turn on to experience while listening to with your partner. Very hot!

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3) Take a virtual sex class together

Taking a virtual sex class together can be an incredible way to explore your passionate side and increase intimacy. A virtual tantra classes can teach you all kinds of wonderful ways to enhance the intensity of your lovemaking sessions, and help identify your partner’s likes and preferences. It’s also a lot of fun, and will give you plenty of powerful techniques to try out after the class.

4) Write out your fantasies

Who doesn’t find it easier to communicate their feelings in writing? Writing can give you the space to explore your fantasies and share them with your partner, without feeling self-conscious or awkward about it. You can use your writing to tell a story or describe a scene, which secretly lets your partner know what turns you on. And then, later, you can play out this scene together over Zoom or FaceTime. Now, if that isn’t exciting, I don’t know what is!

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5) Start a video chat

Video messaging apps like FaceTime, Zoom, or the FeelConnect App, are amazing for when you want to connect with your lover. They can take a lot of shyness out of the interaction for new couples, and make it easy to get intimate from the comfort of your own home. And, you don’t have to be glued to the screen. Leave the app running as you make breakfast or take your partner on a tour of the spaces in your home that you would like to be with them romantically.

6) Send them something to eat or drink

Delivery apps can be ace for sending your lover their favorite food or beverage. Food and drink can create a greater sense of intimacy and put your partner in a relaxed mood. Especially chocolate. Let’s not forget chocolate! You can even surprise your SO with a Valentine’s Day coffee and a heart shaped cookie to make them feel loved on this special day.

7) Send flirty pics

This could be anything from a smile, to you in a sexy pose or outfit. Try to get their imagination running wild. You could even make a game out of flirty pics by taking a picture of the handwritten fantasy you wrote from earlier, or sending them a picture of a romantic location that you want to visit together. If you bought your partner something, or they did for you, send them a pic of you using it or wearing it.

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8) Buy them something for the bedroom

Candles, luxury sheets, a silk dressing gown, or a voucher for sexy lingerie are just perfect for letting your partner know you are thinking of them. The more personal the gift, the better. Then, have them model it for you over video chat on V-Day and let them know how good they look both in and out of the outfit.

9) Get into role-play

Role-play can be an extremely hot way to get in the mood. You can even introduce the idea of role play using something you sent to your love. Saying something like ‘I’m breaking off a piece of chocolate and putting it in your mouth’ can be a fun way to enact the scene as if you were right there in the room with them. Or you can use role-play to describe a scene that you set up using the voice notes or flirty pics from earlier, then re-enact this scene in the bedroom together. Try to create an online sexual experience for your partner, including as many sensuous elements as possible that will combine to sweep them off their feet.

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10) Buy them an interactive sex toy

If you want to have a more interactive sexual experience with your partner, you can buy them an interactive sex toy. These Bluetooth enabled sex toys are can be linked together via an app. Once connected, your partner can control your device from their phone, or you let your partner feel what you want. You can adjust the speed, stroke, rhythm and pulse of the device or even sync it to your partner’s movements as you masturbate together.

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11) Send them the gift of touch

The Hey Bracelet is an interactive bracelet that lets your partner know when you’re thinking about them. It works by sending the sensation of touch to your partner’s bracelet whenever you touch yours, which creates a sense of togetherness that is something much more personal than a text message or call.

12) Watch a porn movie together

Streaming a porn movie together on FeelXVideos can be a fun, shared experience that will make you feel connected even while apart. If watching an adult movie isn’t hot enough, you can gift them an interactive sex toy which can be used to sync with the movements of the on-screen performer, so they can feel the action for themselves. If you like to watch your partner getting aroused, then this is your tip for Valentine’s Day! With the interactive couple sets in our shop – like the Onyx masturbator – you can control your partner’s device while they are interacting with the adult content.

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13) Play sexy dating games

Naughty card games and date decks, such as Talk, Flirt, Dare!, are all the rage. They can give you conversation starters, help you to discover one another’s sexual preferences, and give you physical challenges, like kissing, fondling, or sending you a vibration through your interactive sex toy. Ok, the last one probably won’t come as standard on many date decks, but there’s nothing to stop you writing out your own! This can be a fun way to break the ice on Valentine’s Day and take foreplay to a whole new level.

14) Meet up in the Metaverse

Virtual reality has opened up a new world of possibilities for long-distance lovers. If you have a VR headset (or buy one in our shop for just $ 29.95), you can create a virtual avatar in Second Life’s Metaverse, and go explore your surroundings.

Since the Metaverse is not a game, but relies on 3D modelling and user generated content, you can use it to create a or unique online sexual experience. Invite your lover into your virtual world and explore your fantasies.

It’s a lover’s paradise complete with sky hotels, beach paradises, sexy outfits, and sex dungeons. There are also incredibly detailed user created pose balls and animations that you can use with your avatars. This can lead to an overwhelmingly immersive experience that you may just find addicting!

Wrapping up the interactive sexual relationship tips for Valentine’s Day

Sex tech and messaging apps have paved the way for a new dimension of sexual connection for long-distance couples.

It’s now not only easy to bridge the long-distance gap, but extremely fun as well. In fact, you may want to try some of these things out, even if you don’t live far apart from your partner!

It’s easier than ever to explore online sexual experiences and discover virtual ways to connect with your lover.

Interactive sexual relationships are not only fun, they can also create a deeper sense of intimacy and togetherness, and help to bring you closer together, even when you live so far away.

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