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Best Interactive Sex Toys that are Better Than Your Hand

Interactive sex toys can give you a totally new experience that’s unlike anything you’ve ever tried before. It’s like having all your private fantasies wrapped up in one convenient package, that exists just to give you pleasure. So no matter how good you are with your hands, you’re just no match for one of these smart devices!

11 Sex Tips for Men who Want to Get Better In Bed

Ensuring your partner is sexually satisfied is a challenge, but if you’re doing it right it should always be a fun one! So, here’s a list of sex tips for men you can try to help impress your partner tonight.

Use of Sex Toys by Online Communities

So we don’t have flying cars or hoverboards, but the future is certainly here in the year 2022. The internet has taken centre-stage as our technological representative of the future. No ‘blade-runner’ style highrises or holographic adverts soaring through the sky, instead a few computers talking to each other was enough to catapult human society into a communicative revolution. The use of sex toys by online communities is part of this revolution.

Interactive sex toys every gay man should try

Nothing screams pleasure louder than the pulsating rhythm of a male interactive sex toy. Except, of course, the man who’s using one. Or so we’ve been told! But what really makes sex toys attractive to a gay? Read about the best sex toys for gays.

What is Interactive Porn?

What is Interactive Porn? Many of us still love our old sex toys, but we are eager to make room for new ones. That’s how we feel about porn too – the old stuff is gold, but we simply need …

Porn Star Experiences: Kenzie Taylor

How Kenzie Taylor started in the adult industry, her awards, and about her ambitions. Read all about this super porn star!

Review Victoria June Stroker

The Victoria June Stroker is intense, with high suction, that gives incredibly strong orgasms quickly. The firmness of it felt the closest to the flesh around the pelvis/thigh area of any other toy I’ve used that advertised material that was “realistic”.

The Ultimate Guide to Interactive Porn

The Ultimate Guide to Interactive Porn This Ultimate Guide to Interactive Porn, you learn everything you need to know about the super exciting porn world.

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