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Average Penis Size: What’s Normal?

If there’s one thing that some men obsess about, it’s penis size.

Before we get into this, let’s get one thing straight – penis size does not necessarily equal superior sexual performance. So while a foot long John Thomas may give you certain bragging rights, it doesn’t endow you with any magical powers of superior sexual prowess.

The Ultimate Guide to Interactive Porn

The Ultimate Guide to Interactive Porn This Ultimate Guide to Interactive Porn, you learn everything you need to know about the super exciting porn world.

11 Sex Tips for Men who Want to Get Better In Bed

Ensuring your partner is sexually satisfied is a challenge, but if you’re doing it right it should always be a fun one! So, here’s a list of sex tips for men you can try to help impress your partner tonight.

The male G-Spot or P-Spot: your pleasure center

Have you ever wondered about the male equivalent of the G-spot? It’s actually called the P-spot (also known as the prostate gland), and it exists in both men and women.

You might find that stimulating the prostate can bring sexual excitement and pleasure to new heights. This guide explains everything you need to know about your P-spot.

KEON & Feel Stroker & Sizes of Sleeves. Why is This a Good Sex Toy

The KEON is one of the world’s best hands-free masturbators — it’s beautiful on the outside and orgasmic on the inside. KIIROO, the brains behind the KEON & Feel Stroker, has made it possible to have one sex machine that fits a range of sleeves, allowing you to achieve mind-blowing orgasms in ever – new and exciting ways. Oh, and it also connects to your favorite porn movies so you can feel the action you see on screen!

Interactive sex toys every gay man should try

Nothing screams pleasure louder than the pulsating rhythm of a male interactive sex toy. Except, of course, the man who’s using one. Or so we’ve been told! But what really makes sex toys attractive to a gay? Read about the best sex toys for gays.

Porn Star Experiences: Kenzie Taylor

How Kenzie Taylor started in the adult industry, her awards, and about her ambitions. Read all about this super porn star!

What is Interactive Porn?

What is Interactive Porn? Many of us still love our old sex toys, but we are eager to make room for new ones. That’s how we feel about porn too – the old stuff is gold, but we simply need …

Review Victoria June Stroker

The Victoria June Stroker is intense, with high suction, that gives incredibly strong orgasms quickly. The firmness of it felt the closest to the flesh around the pelvis/thigh area of any other toy I’ve used that advertised material that was “realistic”.

A World of Fun, Exciting Adult Content Written Just For You

We created our FeelXVideos blog to give adult industry lovers a place to unwind, learn, and find their next favorite toy. It’s a light-hearted space where we share XX-rated industry news, review sex toys, and write about anything sex related we find interesting in the hope that it will take your fancy too.

Take a moment to explore our categories below. We know you’ll be amazed by the variety. Consider us the internet’s most comprehensive adult website that makes you read, feel, and experience hot porn.

Our blog FeelXVideos gives you a selection of news in the adult industry, including:

The Latest in Interactive Sex Tech

The interactive sex technology landscape is constantly changing — and we’re here to write about it, so you get the updates as soon as possible. We’re constantly updating this section with new and exciting posts about the latest interactive sex toys, from learning about how sex toys impact relationships to discovering whether real sex is better than interactive sex to the best sex technologies out there. We’ve written so much already; you certainly won’t be bored for a while.

Sensual VR Experiences

Finding an online community filled with like-minded individuals who want to share their personal VR experiences is incredibly challenging. But we think we’ve done a good job at creating exactly that!

Throughout our posts and comments on Reddit, people detail how they’ve found using our interactive sex toys along with our videos. And, of course, we join in the conversation!

Our Feel Star Experiences

Have you ever wanted to discover how your favorite porn star broke into the industry? Are you interested in understanding how they feel about their work and gaining a deeper connection with them? If so, you’ll love our blog’s section on our Feel Stars’ experiences. It’s the place where they reveal sexy secrets and so much more.

Whether you love Lauren Philips (our customers’ favorite Feel Star), Victoria June (known for being petite yet busty), or simply adore Leigh Raven (preferred by our tattoo-loving users), you can get an exclusive look at their lives on the Feel Star Experiences page.

Interactive Sex Toy Reviews

Sex toys are a personal matter. After all, what works for us might not work for you. But it’s still interesting to find out what other people think (or feel) about one before you buy, right? We know so!

Inside our Interactive Sex Toy Reviews section, you get unlimited access to reviews of all our interactive sex toys. Feel free to click through the list here to find out which toy is about to become your new best friend:

The best part? When you purchase a toy from our store, you get a 30-day free membership to connect your toy to our videos and feel the sensations on the screen. It’s an experience unlike anything you’ve felt before. You’ve got to try it to believe it and we know: you won’t be disappointed!

How-To Guides for All Our Interactive Sex Toys

This section is dedicated to our readers who’ve just bought an interactive sex toy from us and want to get going with it as quickly as possible. You’ll find a bunch of guides here that’ll help you become acquainted with your brand-new toy. From how to connect your sex toy to the app and our site with adult content, to how to clean your toy, to the ultimate guide to interactive porn, it’s the hub of info surrounding our highly popular sex toys. These toys let you feel the onscreen movements; what more could you want?

Other X-Rated Content for Your Enjoyment

Unlike our videos on our main FeelXVideos site, not all our posts fit snugly into a category. But we want to cover all the enjoyable sides of the industry, so now and again, you’ll find posts like “25 foods that’ll make you horny” and “ everything you want to know about the male G-spot” to add a bit of spice to your sex life.

It’s your utopia for all things sexual. If you can think it, we’ll probably write about it.

Want to Join in With the Interactive Sex Toy Fun?

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