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How Sex Toys Impact Relationships

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How Sex Toys Impact Relationships

Can sex toys help or hinder a relationship? How are these toys to be used in a healthy way? This article will shed light on how sex toys impact relationships.

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How sex toys impact relationships according to research

Everyone is different, and sex toys may not be for everyone. That doesn’t mean that you or your partner can’t use sex toys without putting your relationship at risk.

One survey by SuperDrug looked at couples from the US, Europe and other places that have been plagued by lockdowns – in an effort to examine what sexual anxieties can be found in the bedroom.

The study found that over 30% of us have been more sexually adventurous in the bedroom since the advent of Covid 19. Covid certainly has kept us indoors and stuck for things to do, and many have pointed to this pivotal change in our everyday as the reason for this rise in sexual adventurousness.

This in turn has led a lot more people to try using sex toys for the first time, so there has never been a better background of open mindedness in which to give sex toys a go for the first time.

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The impact of lockdowns on using sex toys

One survey conducted by The University of Glasgow, found that during lockdowns people ended up having less sex despite being more sexually active. We’ve had less ability to meet up with new people, socialize or even spend time with those that we know during pandemic rules. This survey suggests that sex toys have been picking up the slack.

Sex toys have acted as a sort of substitute during times when we have been prevented from seeing one another face to face. This has helped people in long distance relationships or who aren’t able to see one another as often.

This is a positive way in which sex toys can affect your sex life, and it’s not the only one.

How sex toys affect your sex life

Surveying over 8000 US citizens, sex toys were shown to help bring partners together and help bolster intimacy and excitement in the bedroom.

One study found that using sex toys and sex-tech is becoming increasingly associated with stronger and more intimate sex lives.

It also found that people with a more open-minded, sex positive outlook tend to be more satisfied with their lives.

Sex toys are perfect for long distance relationships

Sex toys designed for men are becoming very popular these days. Advancements in sex toy tech have created increasingly immersive and realistic experiences that are driving guys crazy.

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Never before has it been possible to remain as intimate with a partner as remote sex toys can allow. Phone sex has its perks sure, but there’s nothing like being able to truly interact physically with something your partner controls.

Improve sexual performance with masturbation tricks

Sex toys are helping break down barriers between people, open up more and discover new things about what makes each other tick in the bedroom.

Interactive porn can even be used to improve your sexual performance in bed! Stamina training is a commonly used tactic by men to help build up their resistance to sexual stimulation. The aim of the game is to masturbate intensely whilst resisting the urge to climax for as long as possible.

Masturbation is good, but nowhere near as good as actual sex. Sex toys occupy the midfield position so to speak, allowing you to experience high levels of stimulation that far exceed anything you could do with your hand. Training yourself to become more acclimated to intense stimulation will pay back dividends in the bedroom, and sex toys can help with that.

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Building up self-confidence in bed

Sex toys also let those that aren’t able to meet with anyone else the opportunity for real intimacy. Whether it’s someone who suffers from erectile dysfunction or someone who is unable to meet up with anyone in real life, sex toys are able to fill a void in the lives of many.

As mentioned above, sex toys can also be a great way of building up self-confidence by helping you build up your stamina.

Using sex tools with your partner is a fast growing trend. Below we’ll give you a quick look at some amazing sex toys that can have a real impact on your relationship and spice up your love life.

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How to use sex toys with your partner

Remote play is big. Passing over control of an interactive sex toy to someone you are very intimate and close to is an incredible experience. It’s still quite a new concept, but plenty of the products in our store let you do just that and it’s very easy to set up.

Remote control sex toys are designed to deliver unbelievable sexual experiences that can be fully controlled via apps. These apps can be downloaded to a smartphone or a tablet, enabling someone with the control app sync to the device and curate your experience – perfect for long distance relationships.

Using remote sex toys to spice up your love life

Surrendering up control of your sex toys to your online friends or complete strangers can make for a wild experience. In fact, remote sex play is the reason why entire toy control communities exist online.

A product that is great for couple-play is the Pulse Solo, launched by Kiiroo and Hot Octopus in late 2021. This toy is the world’s first interactive ‘guybrator’ and works by massaging the frenulum to deliver powerful sensations and unique oscillations. This interactive vibrator can take you to edging to ecstasy within a couple of minutes.

The Pulse Solo can also be used without the need for an erection. This means it’s also a great tool for older men, those looking to maintain their libido or sufferers of erectile dysfunction. It’s sleek and subtle design means you can easily fit it on and continue handsfree. You can use this freedom to pay more attention to your partner, making it a powerful addition to foreplay.

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Interact with your partner no matter how far they are

Haptic feedback is the biggest driver behind remote sex in interactive sex toys. If you don’t know what haptic feedback is – in short, it’s technology that helps communicate human touch. During the use of interactive sex toys, touch is communicated through vibrations and movement of the sex toy.

Interactive sex toys allow for app-based control, meaning you can control the vibrations of your partners sex toy from the other side of the world.

That means that whether your partner is right there with you or miles away, you get to feel every move they make.

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Using sex toys can bring you and your partner closer together

Another great product for remote play is the Handy. It’s unique design makes use of an external sleeve anchored to a motorized handle.

The handle moves the sleeve up and down, allowing you to sit back and relax. This can also be synced to app-based control, allowing your partner to control the speeds and intensities remotely.

As mentioned above it can be used long range too, so if your partner fancies giving you a quick buzz, it’ll be as easy as a phone call. Overall there are plenty of amazing sex toys to be found in our store, toys that can help bring you and your partner closer together.


Can sex toys impact relationships positively?

There’s no doubt sex toys impact relationships in many beneficial ways. Sex toys can be a mutual thing, something you can use to improve your experiences in the bedroom rather than hinder them.

Whether you are looking to boost your confidence, get better in bed, or just to spice things up in your relationship; sex toys clearly make a positive impact on people’s sex lives.
It is important for any intimate relationship to talk about sex and sexual fantasies. Having honest and respectful communication with your partner is a crucial part of feeling safe and comfortable while using sex toys.

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