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What are bluetooth sex toys and how to use them?

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What are bluetooth sex toys and how to use them?

What Are Bluetooth Sex Toys?

You may think of Bluetooth as just another way to listen to music on your wireless headphones. But, if you did think that, you might be missing out on some pretty awesome ways to use Bluetooth technology.

Some of the great ways you can use Bluetooth technology include transferring devices, playing multiplayer games with friends or controlling your partner with an interactive sex toy from halfway across the world.

You see, Bluetooth is really just another way to create a wireless connection between two devices.

And that connection can be used to send beats to your headphones from your iPod or sync the movements of your Bluetooth controlled sex toy with whatever your remote lover happens to be doing with theirs at the time.

This kind of awesome technology has also made it easier for couples to stay connected from a distance and still be able to see and feel each other, no matter where you are in the world.

And the kind of awesome that enables app-controlled Bluetooth compatible sex toys to bridge the gap in long-distance relationships, so you can feel their touch when you are apart.

How App Controlled Sex Toys Work

A Bluetooth sex toy may look just like an ordinary sex toy, but it’s not. It may look the same on the outside, but it’s packed with all sorts of sex-tech wizardry under the hood that makes it quite different.

You can think of an app controlled Bluetooth sex toy as a smart device for giving you, or your partner, pleasure.

It can connect to interactive adult video content or adult virtual reality video content, and can be remote controlled by viewers’ tips on your webcam show or a distant lover.

Welcome to the future. Things are about to get wild.

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How to Use A Bluetooth Sex Toy

Setting up a Bluetooth connection on your app controlled sex toy is a snap.

Simply download the FeelConnect app to your phone, turn on Bluetooth, and pair it with your Bluetooth compatible sex toy.

Now all you have to do is grant your partner access to relinquish control of your sex toy and allow them to control your interactive device to give you pleasure.

Or you can connect it to your favorite interactive adult video content and relax as the speed and rhythm of your device syncs with the on-screen performers’ in real-time.

You can use the Bluetooth app to connect with new people, anywhere in the world, or use the short-distance connectivity to connect with friends in the same room.

You can feel your partner’s touch when they are online, and send sexual vibes of pleasure, whenever the mood takes you, to your lover from halfway across the world.

How to Connect Your Interactive Bluetooth Sex Toy

Once you have received your interactive Bluetooth sex toy, you need to pair your toy to an internet connected device. This could be a computer or a smartphone. If you don’t have a Bluetooth compatible device, you can buy a USB Bluetooth adapter, which will allow you to make a Bluetooth connection.

You’ll then need to message your partner via the FeelConnect App. You can use this app to video chat with your partner, or just as a way to connect the toys together.

Now you’re ready to start having fun!

The haptic feedback sensors in the toys will respond to your partner’s movements in real-time to recreate the sense of touch, making it feel just like your partner is there in the room with you.

You can also use the local connection feature to sync with other devices within range.

And don’t worry! FeelConnect uses fully encrypted technology, which means that your data always remains private and secure.

What’s the Difference Between Bluetooth Sex Toys and Virtual Sex Tools?

Teledildonic devices are sex toys that use advanced sex tech to make real-time virtual sex encounters possible.

Sex-tech works by providing haptic feedback between the mobile app and the device in order to communicate touch, vibrations, and kinetic movements. This is the magic that makes remote contact and interactive cyber sex possible from thousands of miles across the globe.

It’s like video sex chat on steroids. It can enhance the presence of the experience beyond your wildest dreams, making it feel like you have literally been transported to within the scene.

Virtual sex tools, include HMDs, or “head mounted displays” which are designed to be used with VR video content. This content is primarily shot in 4K or 5K video resolution with a VR180 or 180° VR 3D FOV (Field-of-View) at 60FPS. This results in beautifully shot POV (Point-of-View) content, which can create an exhilarating viewing experience.

All Bluetooth sex toy devices have the ability to connect with VR content. You’ll just need a VR compatible headset, or HMD, to get the fully immersive experience of watching virtual reality porn.

One of the outstanding features of the interactive sex toys sold in the FeelXVideos store is that they are fully VR compatible, and allow for an immersive experience out of the box.

Some VR devices, such as Google VR Cardboard, can turn your smartphone into a virtual reality viewer. This can work well with many toys, but you may choose to use a dedicated HMD for a more immersive experience.

You can connect your Bluetooth sex toy via a Windows compatible app (such as the FeelConnect app for Windows), if you wish to use another device, other than your smartphone, for watching VR content.

The toys you’ll find in the FeelXVideos store are fully compatible with the most advanced and popular headsets on the market right now, and work flawlessly with interactive virtual reality content with almost zero latency.

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bluetooth sex toys and VR

Best Bluetooth Sex Toys for Men

Here’s our rundown of the best VR sex toys for men.


The KEON interactive Bluetooth is fully compatible with the Feel Stroker, and features interchangeable sleeves, including those from the Feelstars Collection, so you can sync your device with interactive adult video content and feel your favorite adult performers as you watch.

It can connect with other FeelTechnology enabled sex toys via the FeelConnect App, as well as with 2D and VR interactive adult content.

It’s also a beast of a machine, with speeds of up to 230 strokes per minute, so you’ll be able to experience mind-blowing orgasms, time and again.



The Handy is a male interactive Bluetooth enabled smart vibrator that can give you maximum pleasure with minimum fuss.

It’s easy to clean, and comes with an adjustable true grip, making it a perfect fit for every size.

It also comes with a power cord, so it won’t let you down and is guaranteed to stay connected on long-distance sex sessions.

There are endless stoking variations and a range of speed, and the grip enables you to control how tight or how loose you want it to feel.

The Handy comes with a choice of real-feel sleeves and can connect to Bluetooth via an app.


The Svakom Alex Neo is a powerful thrust vibrator with 7 intense settings and an ultra soft and sensual, flexible silicone sleeve.

It’s packed full of orgasmic sex tech that can bring your wildest fantasies to life, and can even be voice activated to sync with music, or an adventurous partner.

The Svakom Alex Neo Thrusting Stroker is perfect for watching interactive adult content, and can provide a truly orgasmic experience when paired with a partner’s device, via the Bluetooth app. Read the review of this thrusting sex toy


Get Connected

Bluetooth sex toys open the door to a whole new dimension of sexual pleasure.

Not only can they simulate sex for the user, but they can also be used to bridge the gap for long-distance relationships and virtual sex sessions.

They’re particular good for watching interactive adult video content, and can increase the intimacy and between the user and the scene.

Their real-feel sleeves and stroking and sucking qualities can also make the experience feel remarkably close to the real thing.

Plus, they can be paired with VR headsets if you really want to go all out for a fully immersive virtual cyber sex experience.

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