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Use of Sex Toys by Online Communities

Use of Sex Toys by Online Communities - FeelXVideos

Use of Sex Toys by Online Communities

So we don’t have flying cars or hoverboards, but the future is certainly here in the year 2022. The internet has taken centre-stage as our technological representative of the future. No ‘blade-runner’ style highrises or holographic adverts soaring through the sky, instead a few computers talking to each other was enough to catapult human society into a communicative revolution. The use of sex toys by online communities is part of this revolution.

Use of Sex Toys by Online Communities - FeelXVideos

How the internet brings intimate relationships closer

The Internet affords us the ability to connect to people on an individual level. Online relationships are on the rise and people have increasingly used the internet to find love and happiness, talk about sex, and even have healthier sex lives.

Covid 19 has also affected our ability to go out and meet new people, and the internet has been instrumental in allowing people to continue dating even when lockdowns and prevention measures prevent people from meeting face to face.

An article in Time Magazine discusses the rise in ‘virtual relationships’ and how they have come to dominate the dating sphere since 2019. Digital dating is now more common than ever, and even if people do eventually meet face to face – most will have spent a great deal of time ‘courting’ digitally.

This is where interactive sex toys come in – and boy are they changing the game!

The use of sex toys by online communities

Sex toys, like everything else today, have been affected by the internet age. It has never been easier to build and maintain a sexual relationship with people that you may have met entirely online and sex toys can help get you there too.

Some of the incredible sex toys that we have on offer in our store allow you to give control of the device over to someone else – allowing them to control your experience with your interactive sex toy entirely. Interactive sex toys and remote control devices are gaining popularity fast – and communities have began to develop online that reflect this rise in usage. They do not only talk about sex, but they take control using sex toys as well.

Many of the toys we have available in the FeelXVideos store have their own ‘toy control’ communities of like-minded individuals who love to have online sex.

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Communities that control interactive sex toys

One page on Reddit is dedicated to giving up control of their interactive sex toys to people that users may not have even met! These ‘toy control’ communities make use of sex toys like the SVAKOM Sam Neo – this is a male toy that enables users to grant control over the device to anyone you wish. Imagine being able to surrender completely to someone else – this is something that we could only enjoy face-to-face.

Many of the products available in our store change the game by not only doing the work for you, but allowing someone else to cater that experience to your wildest sexual fantasies.

Automatic strokers, massagers and even male vibrators (yeah, we get them too), all of these unique devices have interactive capability that takes them to the next level.

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Sex on the internet tends to be a pretty judgement-free space

An article published by sex tech researcher Eleanor Hancock for Future Of Sex, talks about the benefits of anonymous internet-based hook ups, saying that “Just like real-life intimacy and sex, people have preferences.

However, unlike real life, r/ToyControl allows people to be significantly more blatant about what these might be. “The shield of anonymity was a buffer for embarrassment or shame.” So no matter what your kink is you can rest assured that sex on the internet tends to be a pretty judgement-free space.

How the use of sex toys can spice up your love life

Making full use of sex toys with the FeelConnect app, SVAKOM and various other incredible creators have a range of products that you can browse by following this handy link to our sex toy shop. These smart devices allow anyone with a smartphone or tablet to take over the control of your sex toy whilst you sit back, relax and enjoy what it means to have sex on the internet.

However, stealing away steamy moments with a stranger is pretty wild, and if it’s not something that’s up your street – perhaps you would prefer to try this with a trusted partner. The FeelConnect app works with a variety of different devices and is primarily focused on enabling your special someone to deliver an intimate experience no matter how far away they might be.

The use of interactive sex toys in romantic relationships

Interactive toys are amazing for those of us looking to keep things exciting in the bedroom with a partner or even just to stay sexually connected for those of us in long distance relationships.

Whilst there are plenty of products for her, here’s one of the best products on the market for him – The Handy. This is a personal favorite of many – if you’re looking to experience something as close as possible to someone being right there with you, controlling your pleasure and coaxing you into ecstasy, then this might be the option for you.

The Handy, like other amazing products such as the KEON or the Alex Neo, is a kind of automatic stroker that can sync up a partner’s device or even interactive porn. Unlike the latter devices however, The Handy features a unique external sleeve that is moved by a motor that also acts as a handle. This is purposefully designed to imitate a ‘hand’ on your junk – and it does a really convincing job of it too.

Whether it’s with a partner or with like-minded individuals online, sex on the Internet is fast becoming a really popular way to connect with people.

If you are interested in buying an interactive sex toy at our shop, you’ll also have the opportunity to get a membership for watching and interacting with our adult content on FeelXVideos. So what are you waiting for?

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Have you got tips that help improve your sex life? Feel free to share it with us through the comment field below. Our community loves to learn and share experiences that make life more healthy and exciting!