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Best Interactive Sex Toys That Are Better Than Your Hand

Best Interactive Sex Toys that are better than your hands - FeelXVideos

Best Interactive Sex Toys That Are Better Than Your Hand

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Why choose an interactive sex toy?

If you’ve never tried an interactive sex toy before, you may be forgiven for wondering what the fuss is all about.

Those who have tried them swear by them, while those who haven’t may have a difficult time picturing how it all works.

Thankfully, interactive sex toys are incredibly easy to use. They’re easy to set up, take very little getting used to, and take only a few seconds to sync to interactive adult content.

Once you get the hang of using them, you’ll never want to go back to jerking off with your hand again.

The reason?

Interactive sex toys can enhance your ‘me’ time. Significantly. They add a whole-new dimension to masturbation and can give you unique and specific sensations that it would be practically impossible to experience without them.

You can use them manually, with a partner, or synced to your favorite adult content. These smart devices control the stroke length, speed, rhythm, pulses, suction, and all sorts of other fun things, and can offer an intense pleasure that it’s hard to imagine without having experienced it yourself.

They can be used with a collection of strokers and sleeves which have a skin-like texture which can give you various sensations of pleasure and enjoyment that will stimulate your penis and blow your mind.

In short – if you’re not using an interactive sex toy yet, you’re missing out.

So, if you’re ready to ditch the digits and switch on to explosive orgasms that will change the way you look at porn for good, read on!

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Sex toys vs jerking off by hand

There are literally dozens of reasons why sex toys are better than jerking off by hand. There’s really no contest. But, so you can grasp why they’re so good, let’s look at the top benefits of using a sex toy that will make you wonder why you haven’t used one before.

1) They can give you mind-blowing orgasms

These bad boys are packed with industry leading sex tech and powerful motors, giving you the ability to control just about every aspect of your experience. You can go balls deep or tease yourself to orgasm. One thing’s for certain – you may find yourself wondering what the hell just happened. In a good way.

2) Compatibility

Interactive sex toys have compatibility built-in. They can be used out-of-the-box, and work flawlessly with interactive porn content, and remote partner sex, via the use of a simple app. They can be used with 2D porn or high-resolution VR porn, so there really are no limitations on your experience.

3) They can train your endurance levels

While interactive sex toys are primarily about having fun, they also serve a secondary purpose. This can be endurance training, preventing premature ejaculation (PE), and overcoming erectile dysfunction (ED). You don’t need to be rock hard to use them or to reach orgasm, so they’re perfect for men who are looking to improve their performance when it comes to the real thing.

4) They can give you intense sensations of pleasure

While interactive sex toys can simulate sex, they also bring a lot of new sensations to the table. They can be configured for different intensities of suction, vibration, and stimulation, which you can use to explore your fantasies, alone or with a partner.

5) They can give you all sorts of specific sensations

Sex sleeves, such as those found in the Feelstars Collection, have often been designed with a specific purpose in mind. This can lead to all sorts of pleasurable sensations that take you on a journey, right from the moment you enter the orifice, and along every inch of the perfectly engineered canal. Plus, if you buy two or more sleeves, you have a choice of sensations to explore on any day of the week.

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6) They’re incredibly versatile

There are all sorts of ways to use interactive sex toys – alone, with a partner, while watching interactive porn content, etc. This gives you countless options, hours of fun, and makes it easy to switch things up if you ever get bored.

7) They can sync to interactive streaming adult video content

These devices can match the speed and intensity of the on-screen movements when you’re watching interactive porn content. This means you won’t have to control the device manually, as the stroke length and pulses are preconfigured to match the performer’s movements in the scene. Very cool.

8) They can be paired with a remote partner

The interactive part of the sex toy means you don’t just have to play alone. Simply download the FeelConnect App, connect to your partner’s device and sync the movements for a surprisingly realistic simulated sex session. Hot!

9) They’re easy to clean

The TPE or silicone material used in sex toys sleeves is resistant to sticky substances, so a quick rinse with water is all it takes to wash off any water-based lube and bodily fluids. They’re also quick drying, so you won’t have to wait long until you can pick it up again. (Read “How to clean your sex toy” for more information.)

10) They look cool as hell

Next-gen, designer interactive sex toys like the KEON or the HANDY are built with high quality materials and have eye-catching designs that just scream quality. These male masturbators are discreet, and won’t look out of place displayed on your mantelpiece – provided you’re not shy about the inevitable questions from your friends.


11) They can give you years of pleasure

Interactive sex toys are durable, easy to look after, and can give you years of pleasure if you take care of them. The high quality lithium-ion batteries makes them quick charging, with up to 2-3 hours of run time. One charge can last a few short sessions, or if you’re planning on using one for a few hours of play in a single night, simply top up before you start.

12) They are so many different ways to use them

You can use sex toys in all sorts of different ways; on your own, with a partner, or synced to porn. Want to have hard and fast pulses that will propel to insanely powerful orgasm in record time? Sex toys can do that. Or how about a slow, sensual experience that will make you last longer and lead you slowly, yet inexorably, towards an incredibly intense frenzied orgasmic climax? Sex toys can do that too. There are so many combinations you can try out, it’s ridiculous. And it’s a lot of fun. Probably the most fun you can have alone.

13) They can be addicting

Sex toys aren’t just a novelty. Many people who have tried them prefer to use them than to practice self-love by hand. And they might do this, once, twice, or three times a day. So while they can be something you only use on the odd occasion, you may just find yourself reaching for the stroker more often than you might think!

Best interactive sex toys to get started

If you’re a sex toy virgin and want to know which toy to buy, this list of popular interactive sex toys is just what you need to get started.

#1 The KEON with Feelstars Collection

The KEON interactive masturbator is the pinnacle of sex tech engineering. With its sleek looks, functional design, and powerful motor, this next-gen Bluetooth sex toy is everything you wished for, and more! It’s fully compatible with any sleeve from the Feelstars Collection. Try out the Feel Star Kenzie Taylor’s stroker, the Britney Amber’s stroker or one of the other pornstars we work together with. It’s like a match made in heaven, and your ticket to earth-shattering orgasms on demand. Try it now!

#2 The HANDY

The HANDY is an interactive sex vibrator with endless stroking variations. It has numerous speed settings and a powerful adjustable grip. This sex vibrator has been dubbed ‘The Ultimate Handjob Machine’, and features a realistic sleeve which feels just heavenly. You can adjust the stroke length and enjoy all sorts of stroking variations, thanks to the inbuilt sex tech under the hood.

#3 The Svakom Sam Neo

The Svakom Sam Neo is an interactive set toy with a powerful suction effect that you’ll love. Choose from 5 stroking patterns, connect to interactive adult content, and bring your fantasies to life with real-time interactive sex with a partner. Prepare to be aroused as this expertly crafted toy from Svakom delivers mind-blowing suction and blissful orgasms. Ecstatic!

Svakom Sam Neo suction sex toy

Conclusion: smart sex toys are better than your hands

Interactive sex toys can give you a totally new experience that’s unlike anything you’ve ever tried before. It’s like having all your private fantasies wrapped up in one convenient package, that exists just to give you pleasure. So no matter how good you are with your hands, you’re just no match for one of these smart devices.

They can give you every kind of sensation you can imagine, from suction to simulated sex, and will give you intense orgasms time after time.

Ready to ditch the digits and find out what all the fuss is about?

Explore sex toys now.

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