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How to last longer in bed – 5 Tips for men

How to last longer in bed - 5 Tips for men - FeelXVideos

How to last longer in bed – 5 Tips for men

If you find that you struggle to have sex as long as you would like or if it’s something you find yourself worrying about often – these tips might just be what you need to last longer in bed.

How to last longer in bed - 5 Tips for men - FeelXVideos

How long should you last in bed?

It’s undoubtedly a question most men will wrestle with at least once in their lifetime. No matter how old you are or how active your sex life is, sexual stamina remains an important facet of male sexuality.

According to a study conducted across the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Spain, Turkey, and the United States, the average time before ejaculation during vaginal sex was around 5 to 6 minutes.

Some people find that average to be lower than what they had expected, and you will have noticed that sex in adult films tends to last a lot longer than that.

Our own range of adult movies depict sex lasting for a much longer duration too, but it’s important to remember that adult actors and actresses are trained professionals! Adult films often portray a fantasy, and sex off camera tends to be very different.

Ultimately how long you should last in bed is a conversation between you and your partner. Always remember that pleasurable sex has no ideal time limit and everybody is unique.

However if you feel as though you aren’t lasting long enough to enjoy your sex or satisfy your partner, you may be looking for ways to increase your stamina.

Here’s a list of five tips you can try tonight either with your partner or by yourself to last longer in bed and improve your sex life.

5 Sex tips to last longer in bed

1. Using Condoms

Let’s get the obvious stuff out of the way. If you find that you struggle to last long in bed or even during masturbation, you may suffer with penile hypersensitivity. It’s a condition that has been linked to premature ejaculation, which in turn affects around 20-30% of the male population according to a study posted in Scientific Reports.

You’ll likely already be familiar with the decrease in sensitivity associated with the use of condoms. If this still hasn’t helped, try swapping to ‘extra safe’ branded condoms to make sure you’re reducing the sensation as much as possible.

This method is more of a quick fix however, and some may not enjoy reducing their own pleasure as a means of extending the duration of sex.

As you continue further down this list you’ll see a common theme – increasing your stamina is far more important than reducing how much you feel.

2. Stamina Training

Now this is somewhat of a broader tip, but it works to serve as a sort of foundation to support your efforts to last longer in bed. Your goal should be to tolerate more pleasure, not minimize it to artificially extend your sex game. That’s just no fun. Instead, the use of high tech sex toys have been proven to assist in the prevention of premature ejaculation. 

According to studies conducted at Indiana University, “Using sex toys to enhance sexual pleasure and orgasm can help you to sleep, boost immunity, relieve pain, reduce stress and boost your brain power”.

That’s quite a rap sheet of benefits, but more importantly using sex toys can help build up your resistance to being highly stimulated.

It’s no good simply jerking off – it’s worlds apart from actual intercourse and doesn’t simulate what you’re trying to improve your resistance to. It’s like walking to increase your ability to sprint.

Many of you may find it puzzling that you can jerk off for 20 minutes but notice that this stamina fails to transfer to the bedroom. This is because you are stimulating yourself with what you are seeing more than what you are doing.

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Use of sex toys increases your libido

You can flip these proportions on their head by using products like the Feel Star Stroker, a sleeve designed from the ground up to recreate the vagina as accurately as possible, letting you practice with something as close as possible to the real thing.

Not only do sex toys increase your libido, they simulate real intercourse. This crucially gives you the ability to practice against far more intense levels of stimulation than jerking off.

The FeelXVideos store has plenty to choose from when it comes to male sex toys, so you should have no trouble finding something that will personally give you the most sexual satisfaction.

Once you’ve found the right tool, you’re ready to start building up your resistance to high levels of stimulation. Practicing by yourself is fine of course, but doing so with a partner present is a great way to get more comfortable with their use.

3. Interactive Porn

Increasing your levels of immersion in sexual fantasy helps you to get more out of your training sessions. This is where interactive porn comes into play.

Imagine for a second that you have a favourite pornstar, (I mean let’s face it, if you’re reading this you probably do). Now wouldn’t it seem like a no brainer to have someone of that level of experience train you up?

Imagine being able to feel everything they are doing on screen. With the KEON, you can do exactly that. It’s an automatic masturbator that can sync with interactive porn videos.

That means a subtle motor will gently move a Feel Stars Stroker up and down your manhood in perfect synchronization with what the porn star does onscreen.

Sounds peachy right? Well it’s not going to make you an overnight stud, and in fact your first experience might end up shorter than regular intercourse. But that’s the point, if you can get used to this you can last longer in the bedroom when it counts.

4. Edging

Edging is the practice of preventing yourself from climaxing right at the metaphorical ‘edge’ or ‘cusp’ of orgasm. It’s a popular kink in its own right and is touted to increase the sensation of the orgasm once the ‘edging’ phase is over.

Whilst it has become popular for these effects, it’s actually been a widely known and medically accepted treatment for premature ejaculation since the 50’s.

In a paper published in 1956 in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, researchers concluded that edging, or to use their colloquialism, the “stop-start method”, helps to prevent a premature orgasm.

Again increasing the levels of stimulation is key, which takes us back to high tech sex toys. Edging is all about drawing out your ‘pre climax phase’ for as long as possible, so tools that can get you there fast are a good option.

We would recommend products like the SVAKOM Sam Neo, it’s incredible suction effects and vibrations mimic the sensations of a sensual blowjob. It’s a fantastic option for those of you that want to last longer during fellatio and foreplay.

Svakom Sam Neo suction sex toy

5. It’s all about the build up

Finally, if you’ve been following the above tips to enhance your training sessions to last longer in bed, the best way to first put those efforts into practice is to start slow.

One trap many guys fall into is to lose that initial bit of self control once intercourse begins, and immediately start ramping up the tempo. Faster thrusts means increased stimulation, and whilst this is beneficial when training, it’s only going to hinder you during real intercourse.

The real thing is always more intimate, and for most people this will decrease your resistance. Following the aforementioned advice on involving your partner in your training sessions is a great way to mitigate this.

One more thing

Now there’s nothing wrong with faster sex, and in fact it may just be you or your partner’s preference. The point here however is to last longer, and remember that the intimacy of real sex tends to decrease your ability to hold yourself back.

The use of sex toys offers you the ability to train against these more intense sensations, interactive porn ramps up the immersion – and finally employing the use of edging acclimate you to and extends your ‘pre-climax’ phase.

Taking your time to steadily work up the pace will not only draw things out, but you can use the decreased focus on thrusting to pay your partner more attention.

Caressing areas that can be paid less attention to such as her neck, the small of her back and her inner thighs can drive your partner wild if done in unison with a gradual ramping up of your speed.

Remember that lasting long enough in bed only means lasting long enough to satisfy both yourself and your partner. What you do tends to take precedence over how long you do it for.

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Have you got tips that help improve your sex life? Feel free to share it with us through the comment field below. Our community loves to learn and share experiences that make life more healthy and exciting!