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Review Handy: Experience with the Automatic Male Masturbator


Review Handy: Experience with the Automatic Male Masturbator

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My first experience with the Handy: a top-nodge automatic masturbator

Before I start you must know that I’m completely new in the world of these automatic masturbators. I’ve never owned any male sextoys before, so I was excited and felt like a kid unpacking his Christmas-gifts. But this year I got a toy to actually be a naughty boy.

The Package of the Handy

I had seen pictures of what the Handy looked like, but when I opened the box I was still quite surprised. (It’s worth noting the packaging itself was discreet, and you could not tell from the outside box that this was a sex toy.)

Luckily I had this whole mission well prepared and my room was equipped to the teeth. I had two boxes of tissues, three fresh towels, a huge bottle of water-based lube, some experimental warming glide, and the sex toy cleaner.

The Handy Male Masturbator Packaging - FeelXVideos

But before actually sticking it in, I just wanted to make sure I was using the Handy right. In the small paper manual it said “keep your hands away from the moving parts, as this might cause injury.” And although I understand they need to put the warning in there, I couldn’t help but feel a bit of discomfort being warned about getting something stuck, while I was about to set it up with my private parts. But once I gave the Handy a proper inspection I couldn’t really imagine getting anything stuck unless someone would really try. The miniscule possibility of slight harm was no match for my horny curiosity.

Getting familiar with the Handy

So I settled in and plugged the power in. The Handy works on AC and doesn’t have a battery, so no charging was necessary and I was able to jump into the action right away. I played with the buttons just to see how it reacted and was impressed by the stroke length and was really surprised how fast it could go. I decided not to connect it to any website or app just yet. I just wanted to start simple. Basic. Besides, I was a curious case like Benjamin Button and was excited to feel what it’s like getting a wank from a top-notch machine and didn’t want to wait any longer and go through any setups.

I peeled the sticky sleeve out of the baggie and put it on a towel next to me. I thought it was a weird sleeve at first. Then I put on the porn, lubed up***, grabbed the sleeve and stuck my stiffi in. ‘Snug as a bug in a rug’. When you first put it in there you might get the impression the sleeve’s a bit on the short side, but as soon as the Handy starts stroking you’ll understand you don’t have to fit it in completely. As long as the tip is all up to the front. And as soon as I tightened the sleeve with the Grip band all nicely, I knew something really good was coming.

*** There is no mention in the paper manual about lube, but according to the local sexshop any 100% water based lube should be fine to use (I used the Premium Arctic water-based lubricant). I’m generally not a lube kinda guy when it comes to masturbating, but when it comes to a thing like this, I didn’t want to fool around. Okay, maybe just a little.

The Handy turned me on … hard

I don’t want to sound like a total wanker, but as this Scandinavian machine slowly started stroking, it kinda reminded me of a girl I used to date. Let’s just say she really knew exactly what she was doing with every move: everything for maximum pleasure. Her wanks were better than my own, as she was somehow really digging the momentum of it all. She wasn’t rushing it, but instead massaging in a steady rhythm, making every stroke count with a consistency and with a firm grip.. And so does the Handy. It sure brings back some memories. My god… As I was sitting there it got to me.. I think I love this machine!

The Handy sleeves

So yeah, The Handy actually feels really really really great. I mean: the texture of the sleeve is awesome, too. It has all kinds of knobs on the inside and indeed gives maximum pleasure.

You can personally adjust the tightness of the grip so one-size really does ‘fit all.’ If you want, you can even experience with additional sleeves for the Handy like the Extra True Grip sleeve if you prefer more tight or have open-ended sleeves in different sizes.  Furthermore, the stroke length has a very wide selection, which went far beyond my personal preferences and the speed settings were also incredibly enjoyable and stimulating.


I was surprised with how relaxing this experience actually was and how absolutely great it felt. I pushed the button to pause the machine on occasion when I felt it was starting to feel a little too good. And then push it again to start it over again. It’s funny, as the Handy actually starts off at its lowest speed again after the pause, but it does keep the same stroke length as before. At first, I didn’t really understand why. Why would they let it start at slowest again? As I started playing with it more often I must say: kudos. Smart thinking. This is actually exactly what you want it to do.

Automatic masturbation in silence

The Handy doesn’t make much sound, which is ideal if you share your house with roommates. As it’s hooked up to 220V, I was a little let down when I was actually able to stop it with a bit of a thrust during some excitement. I guess it’s for massage only and was probably just using it wrong, but somehow wasn’t expecting myself to be able to actually make it stop and see the red light burning. However, this only happened twice. The first time out of over-excitement (darn it feels good!) and the second time to see if I could make it stop again. If the red light happens, you just pull the plug and put it back in and you can start all over again.

Keeping the male masturbator clean

Once I was finished I expected a lot of mess to clean up, which was absolutely not the case. You can easily wash the sleeve with water and even turn it inside out which is ideal. And once you’ve washed it clean you can just dry it with a towel.

The case itself is not waterproof, so better just use a wipe if you need to clean it. (i got some lube on it but this was easily wiped off with some tissues.

Connecting the Handy to Interactive Porn

Getting your Handy connected to any WIFI device is also quite easy. You’ll simply push the special button on the Handy and you’ll see on your laptop or phone that there’s a wifi-channel called something in the lines of “Handy setup’. Once you connect your wifi-device it will automatically jump towards a Handy Setup page in your browser. From there on you can click the Handy setup wifi and connect it to your own Wifi-network. You only have to provide the credentials to your wifi-network once. Next time if you want to connect your Handy to your laptop or other wifi-device, just simply push the wifi button one time, and it will connect automatically.

Once you have the Handy connected to the internet, a whole new world of masturbation possibilities will open up for you. You’ll be Alice diving into the rabbithole, once you discover things like Interactive Porn and VRporn in combination with the Handy. I don’t have VR-glasses (yet) so I won’t be going into that kind of Matrix just yet. However, getting jerked off on exactly the same rhythms while you look at porn is another very interesting experience to have. I wasn’t expecting much of it to be honest, but my 30-days try-out at FeelXVideos was another new level of masturbation I was happily surprised by.

Feeling the porn as promised by FeelXVideos

Although you know you are still watching the porn, once the sextoy imitates the exact movements you’re seeing on screen does emerge you into the action yourself. Of course you’re still not really in it, but as FeelXVideos claims it to ‘make you feel the porn’, I agree with them it’s a new exciting experience that is absolutely worth it and I am convinced it’s the start of a new revolution in the way we experience porn.

In the future, I’m really looking forward to adding some VR goggles into this experience as well. I’m sure some VR-glasses will highly increase the experience even further. As I was watching the porn I couldn’t help but chuckle: I was really experiencing the future of porn: This was absolutely tits.

Review Handy conclusion

I have had the Handy for over a month now, and I’m very satisfied! It was my first experience with an automatic masturbator or with any male sextoy for that matter, so I was quite excited to try and it absolutely didn’t disappoint! You can sense it’s of high quality materials and it’s obvious the developers have put a lot of experience and thought into the product. It’s lightweight and compact so also easy to pack in case you wanna bring it on a holiday. In the past month I’ve used The Handy regularly, and so far the sleeve is still in top shape.

I think it might actually last quite long as it seems of great quality, but also saw that you can buy new ones in different sizes and they actually have other sleeves with extra grip as well, and even a replacement band if you need it. And although I occasionally still have solo-sessions without porn and without the Handy, I must say that I do look forward to using both of them. The Handy sometimes only solo, but especially in combination with FeelXVideos: one can only imagine what the future will bring from here on.

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The best handjob machine in the world

These last weeks, I have also experienced the Kiirroo Keon, which is quite different and both have their pros and cons when compared, but when it comes to the actual feeling I prefer the Handy, as well as the cleaning is actually a lot easier. I haven’t tried any other auto masturbators other than these two. However, I read somewhere that The Handy is calledthe best handjob machine in the world’, and to be honest, I wouldn’t be surprised if it is. It truly is a top-nodge machine and feels absolutely wonderful. These Scandinavians know what they’re doing. Job well done.