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Review Victoria June Stroker Kit

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Review Victoria June Stroker Kit

This review of the Victoria June Stroker Kit was first published on Reddit the 30th July 2021. 

The Victoria June stroker: the most intense of all strokers

I’ve used the Victoria sleeve for a couple of weeks now, and I have to say, it is mind blowing. I haven’t used a stroker, or any toy for that matter, that has given me orgasms this strong.

Texture and Penetration:
The penetration experience and stimulation of this sleeve may be the most intense of any I’ve tried. At first, when I saw how narrow the canal was, I was a bit skeptical, as I found the Nicolette to be too tight to the point where it deadened a lot of the sensation and stimulation from the textures. I was pleasantly surprised. The large cavity that is right behind the lips is very nice, since the lips of this sleeve are so close together, you get a tight initial penetration followed by a nice gentle larger chamber that guides you down to the textured part of the canal which quite literally suddenly sucks you in.

The first 2-3 chambers/textures of this stroker are perhaps the most intensely-stimulating of any stroker I’ve ever used. The initial thrust in is wonderful, it’s tight, but not smooth, with your entire head and shaft being stimulated the entire time, rather than just targeted at specific areas. However, it is the withdrawal/out stroke that takes this toy into the stratosphere. I suspect it is the effect of the 2nd main chamber with the little spikes that point both in and out, but when you pull out of this toy, it feels like every single bump is directly targeting your glans and the ridge on the head of your penis. You hit the spikes, followed by the 4 increasingly tighter ridges/rings on the way out, and it almost feels like you’ll pop. The way that all of them tug at the head when you pull out makes it feel like the toy is quite literally sucking you in. The feeling of that 2nd main chamber is so intense, that I find myself mainly using short fast thrusts focusing that section only on my glans.

The Victoria June Stroker is intense, with high suction, that gives incredibly strong orgasms quickly

While all of the KIIROO strokers feel wonderful in the KEON, the Victoria June is the first stroker that I’ve found myself bucking my hips into when the stroker slides down on my shaft, desperately trying to reach deeper into the sleeve. It is intense and heavenly. If you’re looking for something gentle, for stamina training, or for slow edging, this probably isn’t the best stroker. However, if you’re looking for something incredibly intense, with high suction, that gives incredibly strong orgasms quickly, you really can’t go wrong with this.

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Sleeve/Case Appearance and Quality of the Stroker

Like all of the Feelstar sleeves, the orifice looks great. I also appreciate the understated black color and reasonable size of the casing. I’ve always found the standard Fleshlight case to be a bit obnoxiously large. It’s incredibly discrete and easy to hide, especially if you live with roommates.

I live in a small apartment with a roommate and was initially concerned about how loud it would be during “enthusiastic” use with high suction when it came to slurping and squelching noises (Fleshlight owners will understand what I mean). I was pleasantly surprised that no matter how high you turned the suction and how deep or fast you penetrated the toy, it was shockingly quiet. That being said, I found that the tightness of the sleeve meant that additional suction had a negligible effect in terms of feeling while using the stroker. It was hard to tell a difference between when it was on or off, and I could only really even discern a difference if I was comparing no cap vs. the cap tightened all the way to max suction.

The same feel as when I used it the first time

As for the feeling of the sleeve material itself, I loved it. The firmness of it felt the closest to the flesh around the pelvis/thigh area of any other toy I’ve used that advertised material that was “realistic”. I also found that unlike other brands of strokers I’ve used, the Victoria June (and every other KIIROO sleeve I own) doesn’t get sticky or tacky at all over time without cornstarch. I’ve used mine once every day or two for the past month, have never used cornstarch, and it has the same feel as when I used it the first time.

The sleeve also seems to require far less lube than others I’ve used. No matter how long a session is, I’ve never had to re-apply lube more than once.

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Cleaning and drying of the stroker

As with all tighter and highly textured strokers, the Victoria June is a bit more difficult than smoother and wider strokers like the Natalia Starr and Britney Amber. You’ll want to run water through it for a while and stick your fingers into it to make sure you’ve gotten all of your semen out of the toy. I also found that while the tight lips feel fantastic, they make cleaning a bit more work, as you’ll have to spread them apart with your fingers to get sufficient enough water flow through the sleeve to do any real cleaning.

Similarly to cleaning, drying takes a little while longer with tighter and highly textured sleeves. That being said, the Victoria doesn’t have the incredibly narrow almost “nozzle” type feature at the end that the Nicolette does, so you shouldn’t run into any issues. It just takes a little longer than strokers like the Natalia, Britney, and Apolonia. After using them and cleaning them, I just lay all of my strokers on a box in front of a small fan with the fan blowing into the ends of the strokers. This seems to dry every sleeve within 24 hours without any issues. The only problem you may run into is that you’ll always finding yourself wanting to use it again before it even has time to dry!

Conclusion review Victoria June Stroker

Like all of KIIROO’s sleeves, the Victoria is absolutely fantastic. I’ve never used a stroker that has been more incredibly stimulating than this, especially on the head and glans of the penis. It’s a wonderful wonderful stroker that will definitely see regular use in my collection. If you’re looking for an intense, tight, and highly stimulating sleeve, this is the best stoker in KIIROO’s lineup.

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