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Best Interactive Sex Toys for Men in 2022

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Best Interactive Sex Toys for Men in 2022

There are so many reasons to invest in sex toys. Whether it’s for your own personal use or to spice up your love life, interactive male sex toys are fast becoming a popular option for men. If you are new to the sex toy market, it can seem a little overwhelming with the current options available. This article gives an overview of the current interactive sex toys for men in 2022.

Whether you are looking for yourself, a Christmas gift, or simply want to try something new, this article will tell you everything you need to know about the best interactive sex toys for men in 2022.

Interactive sex toys for men to increase sex drive

Interactive sex toys for men are still relatively new and many of us have been wondering whether or not now is the best time to give them a try. If this is you, look no further.

Popularity in men’s sex toys are on the rise and we’re only just starting to scratch the surface when it comes to understanding all of their benefits. According to a recent report by the Kinsey institute, sex-tech has been shown to increase sex drive, assist in male stamina training, and help establish and strengthen emotional connections around the world.

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Male sex toys are becoming more immersive and advanced

Things have come a long way from the era of plastic blow up dolls and playboy magazines. Interactive porn is fast becoming one of the most popular ways to masturbate, and these products are some of the best on the current market.

Revelations in the sex-tech industry mean interactive male sex toys are becoming more immersive and advanced. The possibilities they bring alongside a change from manual masturbation are endless. Use it in sync with your favourite interactive porn video and you will never look back!

We have compiled a list of the best interactive male sex toys for 2022 to help guide and explain all the main features of the products, currently available on our shop.

The KEON Masturbator

The new KEON Masturbator by KIIROO is an interactive male masturbator that can give you a mind blowing experience entirely hands free. Designed in the heart of Amsterdam using haptic feedback, the KEON allows for handsfree masturbation and sex simulation.

KEON is designed to be used in conjunction with sleeves for penetration.
They recently launched their Feelstars collection, which was launched in October 2020. It was designed exclusively for the KEON and interactive pornography in mind. Each Feel Star sleeve has been accurately replicated using the latest technology for the most realistic and lifelike tunnels.

If you are a fan of using sleeves and experimenting with textures, the Feel stars collection will definitely be a great choice. Used in sync with the KEON and interactive pornography and combine the KEON Masturbator with the stroker of your chosen Feel Star and you’ll agree that there’s no closer you can get to the real thing. Watch the action on the screen and let the KEON do all the real work for you.

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The Onyx+ Interactive Masturbator

Onyx+ is a male masturbator that uses powerful, contracting rings to provide intense stimulation for the user. Designed by KIIROO, the Onyx+ has undergone numerous upgrades over the years due to its popularity and demand.

The Onyx uses a total of ten rings interwoven throughout the sleeve that can all expand and contract independently and at different intervals. The rings press against the internal sleeve and allow for highly customizable sensations.

Not only is Onyx+ going to be one of the best interactive sex toys for men in 2022, as one of the first ever male sex-tech devices it’s also a legend in sex toy history!


Pulse Solo ‘Guybrator’

If you are looking for non-penetrative sex toy, the Pulse Solo will be a great choice. It’s a frenulum vibrator, or ‘Guybrator,’ for men that promises to give you a uniquely pleasurable experience. Released late 2021 in a collaborative project by both KIIROO and UK-based sex toy retailer Hot Octopus, Pulse Solo will definitely turn heads throughout 2022.

Compared to larger sleeves and toys, it can be great for a more subtle experience, as the design is compact and smaller without compromising on power. It is also possible to use the Pulse Solo without an erection, which is definitely an added bonus.

Great for partnered sex or virtual sex, it also allows your partner to still visibly see your penis when the toy is in use. Pulse Solo works with the FeelConnect app so is fully compatible with our extensive FeelXVideos library of interactive porn experiences.

Interactive-Handsfree-Guybrator-Pulse-Solo- Hot Octopuss Guybrator Pulse Solo [Review] - FeelXVideos

SVAKOM Alex Neo Interactive

The Alex Neo is an interactive masturbator defined by it’s high adaptability. With settings that enable you to connect to webcams and interactive porn with FeelXVideos, you’ll enjoy an incredible, massaging experience like no other. And with a sleeve designed from the ground up to be as ultra soft as possible, you’ll wish you had this in your arsenal sooner.

The Alex Neo is made from materials designed to feel as lifelike as possible, and it’s grip design takes all the work out of masturbation and let’s you relax. The internal sleeve vibrates and thrusts up and down automatically. It can synchronize to music and offers complete control over the intensity. With in-built app support, you or your partner can use a smartphone to customize the experience to your liking.

The toy comes with 7 different variations of thrusting speeds and intensities, and sports a highly noise muffled design for your discretion.


SVAKOM Sam Neo Interactive

Similar in design to the previous toy, the Sam Neo lets you bring your wildest fantasies to life. Fully compatible with interactive porn, this device creates a unique suction effect that mimics the feeling of a sensual blowjob with elegant accuracy.

The internal sleeve expands, contracts and vibrates to mimic the sensation of a real-life blowjob. With 5 different suction and vibration modes, you can tailor your own customized blowjob like never before.

It makes use of the SVAKOM app to enable you to adjust and control your experience, and is compatible with FeelConnect. FeelConnect let’s you or your partner control the device no matter the distance between you.

It’s ergonomic design is easy to use and the sleeve is fully removable to allow for easy washing and maintenance. You’ll never get tired of this device’s wealth of features. Whether you are playing with a partner or stowing in your luggage for a weekend away, SAM NEO is a fantastic option for blowjob and suction simulation.

Svakom Sam Neo suction sex toy

The Handy Interactive Sex Vibrator

You might be wondering what sets this incredible toy apart. The Handy uses an external sleeve connected to a motorized grip that will deliver you a varied and sensual experience. It has a plethora of stroking configurations and uses a unique clear sleeve that lets you see exactly what’s going on down there.

The Handy is a relatively new interactive sex toy to enter the scene, but you can expect huge things from their technology development in 2022. Designed with interactive porn and scripts in mind, the Handy connects seamlessly with FeelXVideos, for the ultimate immersive orgasm.

Based in Norway, The Handy have gone from strength to strength since their launch and are now considered to be a revolutionary sex device for men. With customizable features that allow users to control stroke and speed length, The Handy will showcase the true potential of interactive sex toys for men in 2022.

Another great factor to consider about The Handy is that the device is easy to clean and maintain. This is because the sleeve does not sit internally in the device, allowing for an easy cleaning and drying process. The use of the strap and sleeve in combination also means that one-size-fits-all!

If you are looking to get stuck in with interactive sex toys and don’t want to spend too much time considering texture, sizing and sleeves, The Handy is a great choice.


The Titan VR Porn Experience Pack

This incredible package includes the TITAN Interactive masturbator and a VR headset. For those of you looking to get everything in one place, the TITAN pack is likely the choice for you.

If you prefer a masturbator that allows for penetration and internal vibration stimulations, the TITAN is a great choice for you. It gives users the option to manually thrust, twist or jerk the TITAN in sync with the best vibration pattern.

The ergonomic design of the TITAN means it is discreet and portable, but also able to deliver incredible pleasure to the user. Designed with orgasms in mind, the TITAN

You’ll be able to feel exactly what you can see, the VR headset lets you access the full potential of interactive virtual reality porn. The maturbator has been crefully designed to bring you an experience you have never felt before, and is compatible with our range of FeelXVideos too.

High-Tech Sex Toys that stimulate you beyond normal orgasms - bluetooth sex toys and vr

Find the best interactive sex toys for men at FeelXVideos

Apart from The Handy, all of these devices make use of the Feelconnect app, which allows you to connect your device with the movements of your favourite Feelstar, video or webcam model. However, you can even use the app to sync with another corresponding device for virtual sex.

Perfect for those long distance relationships, having an interactive toy your partner can control lets you feel each other in the most intimate way possible no matter the distance you are apart. With sex toys for men gaining popularity all around the world, isn’t it time you joined in on the fun?

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Have you got tips that help improve your sex life? Feel free to share it with us through the comment field below. Our community loves to learn and share experiences that make life more healthy and exciting!