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Interactive sex toys every gay man should try

Interactive sex toys every gay man should try

Interactive sex toys every gay man should try

Nothing screams pleasure louder than the pulsating rhythm of a male interactive sex toy. Except, of course, the man who’s using one. Or so we’ve been told! But what really makes sex toys attractive to a gay?

Is it all about anal play that helps you get used to the feeling of anal sex with dildos and prostrate stimulators that prepare you for the real thing, or is there something more to it?

We’re squarely in the ‘there’s more to gay sex toys than anal stimulation’ camp. And the gay community itself seems to bear this out.

The use of interactive sex toys by the gay community

A recent study showed that over 75% of gay and bisexual men reported having used at least one type of sex toy.

Unsurprisingly, dildos come out on top, with 62% of those surveyed having used one, although cock rings, vibrators, butt plugs, masturbation sleeves and anal beads also feature heavily among users.

More broadly speaking, societal habits have become more open to sexual experimentation over the years when it comes to sex toys and personal pleasure objects.

And while sex toys for men still tend to lag a little behind their female counterparts, they’re also becoming more accessible and diverse than ever before.

Nowhere is this trend towards embracing state-of-the-art pleasure devices more noticeable than among gay and bisexual men.

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Interesting next-gen sex toys for gay and bisexual men

With the latest generation of sex toys, which include such neoteric things as teledildonic and cyberdildonic devices, things are really stating to get interesting.

These smart devices are equipped with next-gen sex tech that allows for virtual sexual interaction, and they open up a new world of possibilities for gay and bisexual men.

You’ll find a mix of sleeves and dildos, so whether you prefer tops or bottom, or you’re more versatile between the sheets, you’ll find something to love.

So whether you want to prepare yourself for the real thing, discover new avenues of sexual pleasure, or just want to explore mind-blowing orgasms on your own or with a partner, you’ll be pleased to know you have plenty of options to stimulate your senses.

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Best interactive sex toys for gay men

Sex toys for gay men are all about sexual exploration and stimulating your erogenous zones in ways you never thought possible. They can also open up numerous avenues for virtual pleasure, including remote sex sessions and even group sex. So, if that sounds like something you want to explore, keep reading! The enticing world of futuristic sex tech is at your fingertips.

For gay couples who like to play with sex toys together, you can get special couple sets in our shop. These are a great solution as well if you’re having a romantic long distance relation with your partner.

1. Guybrator Pulse Solo & Ohmibod Lumen Interactive Couple Set

While the name might sound a little lonely to some, make no mistake, this award-winning Guybrator is hands down the best fun you can have on your own. With its sleek, ergonomic design and 6 rhythmic vibration settings, the Hot Octopuss’ Pulse Solo offers a hands-free climax that’s literally the best way to invite yourself to a secret sex party of one.

It’s fully waterproof, so you can take it into the bath or hot tub while you play, and you don’t even need to be fully erect to feel the satisfaction. The Pulse Solo comes with a wristwatch remote, so you can control your level of pleasure, while your hands remain free to explore other areas of your body, or to use other toys. 

The Ohmibud Lumen offers you a whole new experience. Made of body-friendly silicone with Velvet Wave comfort technology; a cushioned ribbed silicone that offers both comfort and pleasure for an oh-so-pleasant experience.

With the LED light of the Lumen you can make it a performance you will never forget. Be the star of your own show and let the audience go wild.

You can buy both of these toys in a couple set to enjoy synchronized sensations with your partner. 

2. The ONYX+™ Interactive Masturbator

Why should you play alone if your partner can play with you?

A new sensory experience awaits you and your lover. The KIIROO® Onyx+ is a male masturbator designed with discretion and luxury in mind. The third-generation Onyx can reach up to 140 strokes per minute, allowing for maximum pleasure and stimulation. The new design also features a new rotating motor that continuously works in an up-and-down motion simulating intercourse. You can even control your partner’s Onyx+ from the touch-sensitive pad on your  Onyx+.

Share the sensations with your lover from anywhere in the world with a swipe of the touchpad. Distance is no longer a threat to your relationship with the KIIROO® Onyx+ Couple Set.

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3. The TITAN For Most Amazing Porn Experiences

This amazing interactive sex toy is perfect for tops who enjoy watching high quality interactive, [gay adult video content].

The Titan comes with nine vibrating motors, which provides a buzzy experience with more than enough power to provide a jaw dropping sexual experience either on its own, or paired with interactive gay content.

The Titan is light and discreet, making it the ideal toy to charge up for a quiet night in, and has a stack of different modes which you can use to find your sweet spot.

One of the neatest features of the Titan is that is can be synced with interactive online content, which could be gay video content, cam guys, or a distant lover, so take your pick!


4. The Handy

The Handy is a smart male masturbator that syncs with flat and VR content, and the fully adjustable grip is made to fit all sizes and shapes.

It’s the perfect way to enhance vanilla sex, either alone watching interactive content or with at partner. This wired device is always on, so it will last as long as you can without having to worry about the batteries running dry.

It also comes with WiFi and Bluetooth smart control, so it can recreate the movements you enjoy watching on screen, making it feel just like you’re there in the room with the performers.

Thanks to the smart sex tech found in the Handy, gay couples can also pair the device remotely for a kinky sex experience quite unlike anything else on the market.


Is it your time to get into the interactive scene?

Interactive sex toys are a game changer for gay men. They’re fast becoming some of the most popular devices on the market, and have an adoption rate that’s off the charts.

Not only do they make sex simulation even closer to the real thing, but they also present new avenues of sexual pleasure that simply didn’t exist before.

And, if you want to take things up a notch, interactive sex toys offer the perfect opportunity to try bondage, BDSM, or kink gear while using the device.

So whether you want to simulate anal sex, sync your device with interactive adult gay video content, or have remote sex with your gay lover, it’s a win-win situation all round.

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What is your experience with sex toys? Which one do you like the most? We’d be happy to read your answers below!