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Hot Octopuss Guybrator Pulse Solo Interactive [Review]


Hot Octopuss Guybrator Pulse Solo [Review]

Hot Octopuss Guybrator Interactive: divine pleasure and a new level of orgasm with the first penis Guybrator I ever tried.

Let me start by saying that I’ve never tried a ‘guybrator’ before. To be honest, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I have heard about vibrating toys for men before, but I always assumed vibrators for men would be for anal pleasure. So when I first read about a penis-vibrator, I had plenty of questions and – to be honest – some doubts. Read all about my experience in the Hot Octopuss’ Guybrator Pulse Solo review.

Men’s expectations of a sex toy

When it comes to interactive male sex toys, I think it’s safe to say that most men expect a sex toy that will either be able to:

  • Jerk off
  • Suck – imitate a blowjob
  • Give some anal vibrating pleasure, and/or
  • Imitate intercourse.

However, the Pulse Solo Interactive doesn’t apply to any of them. It’s quite a unique proposition for a sex toy to offer vibrations to a man’s penis and promises it will get them off with ultimate pleasure.

So I was reluctant at first, but I’m familiar with the toys of Kiiroo, so as soon as I read they had partnered up with Hot Octopuss to create a vibrating sex toy for any person with a penis, I was intrigued and wanted to get my hands dirty on the Hot Octopuss’ Guybrator Pulse Solo asap. So I immediately placed the order.

Inside the box

I’ve learned about male sex toys so far that they are generally quite large. They are often bulky. They are heavy. They take up space. So when there was a small box in the mail, I first expected it to be the anti-snoring package I had also ordered. However, once I opened the box, it became evident that my partner would still suffer sleep deprivation for a little longer: The Hot Octopuss’ Guybrator Pulse Solo arrived!

The box contained the Guybrator, a charger cable, a small guide (with a code for 10 days free FeelXVideos!!! Hell Yeah!!), and a small soft bag to transport it in when traveling. (Which I think is very thoughtful and comes in handy when I hit the road again).

Size doesn’t matter for the Hot Octopuss’ Guybrator Pulse Solo Interactive

I was surprised by its small size at first. The Pulse Solo Interactive fits easily in the palm of my hand and is very lightweight. On closer inspection, the hardcover bottom is of proper material, and the rubber top flaps with the rubber buttons on the sides are of good quality. There’s the Hot Octopuss logo crafted in the side in detail: it’s obvious this is not just a toy with great design but also of high quality and made by people who love their craft and know what they are doing. With such a delicate design, I could only assume it was created by people who also take great care of giving users as much pleasure as possible. Soon I’d find out I was right!


Open-Design Concept

Contrary to many other interactive male masturbators, the Hot Octopuss’ Guybrator Pulse Solo sex toy offers an ‘open concept’ – a term usually exclusive to the interior design niche. So instead of sticking your penis in a closed stroker and cumming in a sleeve that you need to clean out later: this toy keeps your penis in the fresh wide open. (You might say this toy uses a “Free Willy”-concept). I’m not sure how else to explain it. I’m trying to tell you: Make sure you keep some tissues around if you don’t want to make a mess!

You need a little patience

To use the Pulse Solo Interactive, you have to charge the masturbator first when you receive it. So, unfortunately, I had to wait a bit longer before I could give this bad boy a try and experience firsthand to feel if the HotOctopuss delivers what they’ve promised.

The included cable was easily fitted due to the magnetic charging unit – an absolute plus that I would recommend all toy manufacturers to look into. I eagerly waited. The button was blue when it was charging – and when the light finally turned red, I grabbed the toy and planted myself in my chair in front of my laptop to finally dive into this ultimate experience.

Good vibrations – sweet sensations

I don’t want to sound like Marky Mark & the Funky Bunch, but I was getting in the mood for some ‘Good Vibrations – Sweeeeet Sensatioooons’ (sorry, a reference to the 90s).
When you turn the Pulse Solo on, it’s automatically set in Bluetooth mode and will easily connect with the FeelConnect app. If you first want to experiment without connecting to anything – just press the button once again, and it will start vibrating, and you can control it yourself.

To use the guybrator, you can push the + and – buttons to increase or decrease the strength of vibration. You can click the power button to jump through the different patterns. If you feel kinky at certain moments, you can use the ‘lightning’-button to directly jump into the strongest vibration mode. Options like these prove that the people at Kiiroo & Hot Octopuss know what they are doing: they are absolute pros when it comes to an understanding of how to create the ultimate toy for men.

However, now I got the basics set up, I am eager to go wild on the ultimate porn experience and didn’t want to waste any time fooling around. I was hungry for the ultimate pleasures and decided to go interactive by hooking up the Pulse Solo to FeelXVideos.

Interactive-Handsfree-Guybrator-Pulse-Solo-open masturbator - FeelXVideos

The first try – diving into interactive porn

When I gave this toy my first try, I still had questions:
“How do I exactly use it? Is it true that you can cum without a boner with this guybrator? Does that mean I can simply hang my willy in without an erection and get the job done simply by some bzzzz bzz bzzzzz?”

So yes, I was intrigued.
I didn’t have to browse FeelXVideos for long to find a video that I like – somehow, FeelXVideos knows what I like to watch. The particular video I clicked on had quite a long intro. I decided to use this time to simply hang my flaccid willy in the Pulse Solo. I wasn’t physically in a sexy vibe yet and wanted to check how the Guybrator might heighten the mood while watching the intro building up to the explicit content.

As the video started to become hot and some physical activity started, the vibrations of the Pulse were very smooth and enjoyable. I moved the Pulse Solo around a bit to feel what it was doing, and soon I moved the toy all the way down my shaft and held my hand over it. I simply let the Pulse Solo vibrate while I enjoyed how the story in the video revealed itself. This all started very nice and pleasant.

As the video slowly became hotter and hotter, I looked down, and without even realizing it had happened, I saw a huge thumbing boner tightly held within those rubber flaps. This was turning out great. It was quite surprising because the really exciting part of the video hadn’t even started yet, and I was already in the middle of full ecstasy. I felt it wouldn’t have to take long to cum if I continued like this. The vibrations were such a pleasure and such a new experience that I had become overwhelmed within a few minutes.

This was something quite new! The Pulse Solo gave me a whole new experience when it comes to masturbating. Where I would usually focus on stimulating the penis head, the Guybrator made me want to push it down and enjoy the vibrations at the bottom of my shaft. Keeping my thumb closed over the masturbator made the vibrations even more intense. Like the Funky Bunch sang: “it’s such Good vibrations; sweeeeet sensations.” It was definitely a new sensation, and it was feeling absolutely incredible!

The Climax

I came close to orgasm if I kept on using the Guybrator like this. I’m completely surprised because I didn’t stroke my penis at all! I tried to prolong the whole experience by pinching my perineum and doing some focussed breathing while keeping the guybrator located at the shaft.

Meanwhile, I kept my thumb tight around the rubbers on top of this sex toy (which makes the vibrations go more deeply into your body). It felt intensely satisfying – an experience I’d never felt before.

As I delayed my orgasm, I decided to play around a little, moving the toy around a bit while the video made me feel different types of intensity in vibrations. Personally, the vibrations are simply best when I push that toy close to the beginning of the shaft, leaning against my balls and using my hand to close the toy around my penis. The vibrations are the most intense and go full through my groin.
Luckily I had some tissues nearby and grabbed them in time when I climaxed. A newfound sensation of overwhelming orgasm waved through me while the Pulse Solo kept vibrating, extending the intense experience, and I kept tingling in bliss for some time. When I was done, I took the Pulse off and took a moment to relax and sit back.
I breathed out and opened my eyes.

What just happened? The experience had left me baffled.
I didn’t need to stroke at all.
I didn’t need to use any lube for this masturbator.
The masturbation just simply started with my flaccid penis laying in the vibrator.
I was just watching porn on FeelXVideos.

It was a new experience of orgasm. I wonder how many men are aware of the orgasms one can experience through the vibrations of a Guybrator. I certainly think the Pulse Solo has the potential to help you unlock a few new ones!


New sort of masturbation with the Guybrator

I’ve tried the Pulse Solo daily as the weeks have gone by. I experimented with moving it around (you can use some lube for this, but it’s unnecessary), stroked myself with it, and kept it on my favorite spots.
To be honest, it just feels great everywhere.

You can stroke from top to bottom and keep it either on the head or down on the shaft. The Pulse Solo simply ‘massages’ you in any spot you like. It will give you a strong and intense sensation on any spot you put it – but what surprised me was that I’ve honestly never experienced the unique feelings that these vibrations on different parts of your penis give you. It’s a weird new sort of masturbation, and this might sound very strange – but I’m learning new stuff.

Waterproof & Cleaning

The Hot Octopuss’ Guybrator Pulse Solo is the only sex toy that is waterproof, so you can use it in the bath or while having a shower and watch interactive porn in the meantime.
Cleaning is not even worth mentioning: it doesn’t have a sleeve to cum in. You’ll just need to clean yourself like you normally do. If needed, you can wipe the toy off with a tissue and spray it with some cleaning alcohol.

Interactive mode – Sync the Pulse Solo Interactive to FeelXVideos

Playing with the Guybrator is a lot of fun, but as I said: along with the interactive experience of FeelXVideos, it is a whole new level of masturbation. FeelXVideos shop and Kiiroo offers plenty of toys that will realistically imitate the situation you are watching, but the Pulse Solo experience is quite different. If you want to feel the full blowjob experience synced with the cute person doing the hard work in the video, the Pulse Solo might not be the toy for you. However, if you want a toy that makes the interactive experience feel really awesome, the Pulse Solo is definitely a keeper. The vibrations of the Pulse Solo might not be the most accurate representation of feeling a person riding your lap. Still, it definitely will play along and give you great intense vibrations for an ultimate climax and great enjoyment.

So, the Pulse vibrates in the rhythm of the porn you are watching, but you might want to add some jerk movements yourself. However, if you’re simply looking for pleasure and not looking for the most realistic feeling of fucking when watching porn, I would say the Pulse does offer quite a lot of advantages compared to other interactive toys.

New-sort-of-masturbation-with-the-Guybrator Pulse Solo Interactive - FeelXVideos

7 Different types of male orgasms

In contrast to all the strokers, blowjob- & handjob machines – this little ‘guybrator’ opened my world to new ways of pleasure. Last week some bloke in the bar told me there are 7 different male orgasms, and when I started jabbing about this toy, he was familiar with it and shared that this little Pulse Solo guybrator can actually help you achieve 3 of those types of cummings. At least – if you play your cards right and are up for the challenge. After these last weeks of experimenting, I think I have to agree with him.
Therefore, I decided to dedicate a little more time daily to masturbating. No longer shall I simply drain the pipes when a horny feeling comes up.

From now on, I shall try to find new ways of feeling the excitement in my body when I’m sexually aroused. I will no longer simply consume porn in search of a quick orgasm. Still, I will try to prolong the interactive porn experience and really get into it – using this awesome internet technology to get to know my body, extend the moment, and intensify my orgasms. That’s a promise to me, and so far, it’s paying off in ways I couldn’t have imagined.
(Spoiler alert: My orgasms when having sex with partners became more intense too!)

Pros and cons of the Hot Octopuss’ Guybrator Pulse Solo

I realize I have overshared quite some personal experiences so far, so I think an overview of all the positives and negatives is in place.


  • It feels really awesome – it’s a new kind of masturbating experience
  • I don’t need to stroke myself or have a hard one – the Pulse does the job
  • It’s beautifully designed and of high quality
  • Power lasts long and doesn’t need much time to charge
  • Lightweight, small, and therefore very portable + comes with a traveling bag
  • Connects without any trouble to the FeelConnect app & FeelXVideos content
  • Easy to clean (or hardly any cleaning needed)


  • Not a toy for those looking for a realistic blowjob.

For a realistic blowjob experience, I’d definitely recommend the Svakom Sam Neo Suction Masturbator!

Conclusion on the Hot Octopuss Guybrator Pulse Solo Interactive

This is an interactive sex toy that is simply unique and one of a kind. There are better toys out there for men who want a realistic intercourse feeling when experiencing interactive porn. However, if you are interested in feeling new bodily sensations and experiencing new kinds of orgasms, this is definitely the toy!

I had never thought I could have orgasmic experiences as it gives me with these intense vibrations, and I think the Pulse Solo can teach a person a lot about male sexuality and guide into new orgasmic realms – at least if one is open for it and willing to experiment with this awesome guybrator and its sweet vibrations. It has opened up a new way of experiencing my solo sessions.

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