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High-Tech Sex Toys that stimulate you beyond normal orgasms

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High-tech sex toys are fast becoming a very popular option for men of all ages. They are well on their way to becoming a staple part of modern sex life, and experts believe this trend will only hasten over time.

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Sex toys and the effect on relationships

One study by the well-respected Kinsey Institute found that the use of sex tech is actively helping people to find deeper emotional connections: “The incorporation of technology – and sex tech specifically – also has the capacity to enhance, expand, and improve individual well-being and the well-being of human relationships.”

That’s not all of course! The benefits to health and relationships that sex toys can bring are numerous, and we discover more as research progresses.

High-Tech sex toys, VR and Interactive Porn

Undoubtedly one of the coolest parts of cutting edge sex toy tech has to be it’s merging with virtual reality. VR is already a massively popular form of entertainment in its own right, the main draw being VR’s capacity to fully immerse you in a fictional tale, world or video game.

Imagine being able to simulate a night with your favorite pornstar – you can make your wildest fantasies come true and the possibilities truly become endless.

Coupling VR devices with our range of interactive porn videos allows you to take things to the next level. You won’t get an orgasm like this by simply jerking off. Isn’t it time you make your masturbation sessions high tech with one of our best interactive sex toys?

The KEON Masturbator

The new KEON Masturbator by KIIROO is an interactive male masturbator that can give you a mind blowing experience entirely hands free. 

If you are a fan of using sleeves and experimenting with textures, the Feel stars collection will definitely be a great choice. Used in sync with the KEON and interactive pornography and combine the KEON Masturbator with the stroker of your chosen Feel Star and you’ll agree that there’s no closer you can get to the real thing. Watch the action on the screen and let the KEON do all the real work for you.

Read the review of someone who’s his experience with the Victoria June Keon stroker kit

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You can experience the immersion of VR porn yourself with the TITAN package. It includes the TITAN Interactive masturbator and it’s own dedicated VR headset. For those of you looking to get everything in at once, the TITAN pack is a fantastic choice for you.

The TITAN has an ergonomic, discreet design for enhanced portability whilst still being able to deliver you an incredibly satisfying experience.

This high tech sex toy package also gives users the option to manually thrust, twist or jerk the TITAN in sync with the customisable vibration patterns.

However you decide to enjoy this sex toy, you can rest assured that the TITAN will induce an incredible orgasm that’s beyond what any standard masturbation session will

High-Tech Sex Toys that stimulate you beyond normal orgasms - bluetooth sex toys and vr

The Onyx+

Another stand out VR option is the Onyx+  by Kiiroo. The Onyx’s genius design makes use of ten rings interwoven throughout a sleeve. These rings can all expand and contract independently and at different intervals of your choosing. These then press against the internal sleeve and allow for highly customizable sensations – capable of reaching up to a whopping 140 strokes per minute!

It’s a lightweight yet powerful and intense sex toy designed from the ground up with interactive porn compatibility – this innovative device will surely spice up your solo-sessions!


The Onyx+ Realm Edition Pack

With it’s high customizability and easy controls, you can use the Onyx male masturbator on it’s own – but to truly make the most out of this unique device, go interactive and connect to our exclusive library of interactive porn at FeelXVideos.com. Here you can enjoy over 4,000 compatible X-rated movies, so you’ll never get tired of using your device. 

The Onyx+ Realm Edition Pack comes with an exclusive Smartphone adapted headset – turning any phone into a window into your fantasies.

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Connect with your partner from anywhere, anytime

Another great example of the innovation of sex toys is how they are being used to connect with people. Some of us in long distance relationships may struggle to maintain the same levels of intimacy when separated.

Luckily with the help of high tech sex toys, it’s never been easier to connect with your partner no matter how far apart you are from one another.

Below are some fantastic options that you can use to keep the magic alive during those extended time periods away. What’s even better, every one of the products listed today are available at unbeatable prices in our store.

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The high-tech sex toys by SVAKOM

SVAKOM has created some incredible products made with connectability in mind. The Alex Neo and the Sam Neo are high-tech sex toys that enable you to connect with your partner via the FeelConnect app.

The Alex Neo is an interesting experience to say the least. The cylindrical housing forms a sort of easy-to-hold grip due to it’s sleek, ergonomic shape.

Inside resides an internal sleeve designed from the ground up to feel as life-like as possible, connected to a thrusting component that enables the sleeve to do all the work for you.

Whilst surreal at first, you’ll quickly understand the benefits here. The Alex Neo is a masterclass at mimicking the movements of a real person. It’s therefore a great option to use with your partner as any movements they input will be carefully recreated in real time. It can even synchronize to music and our full FeelXVideos library of interactive porn too.

The toy comes with a total of 7 different variations of thrusting speeds, vibration patterns and intensities. Don’t worry if you like to keep things subtle either, this handy device is as noise muffled as possible for your discretion.


SVAKOM Sam Neo Interactive

The Sam Neo similarly lets you bring some of your wildest fantasies to life. This unique device is designed to mimic, and frankly build upon, the sensations of fellatio. The internal sleeve can expand, contract and vibrate and comes with 5 different suction and vibration modes.

The unique suction-like effect will leave you wanting more after each and every session, and it’s variety of vibration intensities ensure you’ll never feel the same thing twice.

Of course this device also comes with full compatibility with the FeelConnect app, enabling your special someone to be in the pilot’s seat whilst you enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime experience like no other. Both products also come with the nifty SVAKOM app to enable you to adjust and control your experience to your liking.

Svakom Sam Neo suction sex toy
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Have you got tips that help improve your sex life? Feel free to share it with us through the comment field below. Our community loves to learn and share experiences that make life more healthy and exciting!