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The stigma of men using sex toys – Are they creepy?

The stigma of men using sex toys - Are they creepy? - FeelXVideos

The stigma of men using sex toys – Are they creepy?

Although they have been around for a few years, the rising popularity of male sex toys has also revealed stigmas surrounding their use. Many men may feel as though using a sex toy is some kind of self-admittance of having a problem that needs to be fixed. In this article, we’ll be looking at the stigma of men using sex toys, and how the industry as a whole is changing to address some of these issues.

Is it bad to use male sex toys?

The short answer? A resounding no. Whilst using sex toys have a myriad of pros and cons, the idea that there is an inherent moral problem with using sex toys is wrong.
After all, it’s just another form of masturbation – and changes are you’ve probably been doing this for a while already.

Enacting self-pleasure isn’t just normal, it’s part of a healthy sex life. For years scientists have been getting busy figuring out all the ways masturbation benefits the human body, and boy, have they got quite a list.

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How using sex toys can benefit your health

A study found that men who masturbate to the point of ejaculation at least 21 times a month, were far less likely to get prostate cancer by no less than 33% – that’s a pretty big deal.

It doesn’t just kick cancer’s butt either, jerking off regularly has also been proven to improve the pelvic floor muscles and stave off the onset of erectile dysfunction. There’s nothing hard about having a good time, and masturbation has been proven to boost your mood.

Clinical sexologist Gloria Brame, Ph.D, states that “an organism is the biggest non-drug blast of dopamine available” in her research. It can even help to boost your general immunity to other diseases by maintaining an efficient immune system.

Another study proved that men have an increased white blood cell count around 45 minutes after ejaculation. This improves the speed at which your immune system can respond to threats.

It’s good for your heart too. Studies submitted to Harvard Health Publishing found that men who only orgasm around twice a month were 45% more likely to die of cardiovascular disease than men who orgasmed at least twice a week.

So long story short – forget about apples; A tug a day is far more likely to keep the doctor away, and sex toys can make this far more exciting.

How men really feel about using sex toys

However, if health benefits were enough to persuade the detractors of male sex toys, you likely wouldn’t be reading this article in the first place.

For many men, it’s not a question of whether or not it’s morally okay to use sex toys, or whether or not there are benefits to your health if you do; it’s a question about whether or not it’s embarrassing.

As with all things that go through the trials and tribulations of becoming a new social norm, people resist change.

Despite what some internet forums or pals at the bar might say, male use of sex toys is perfectly normal and will eventually be as commonplace as sex toys aimed at women.

So why is there such a stigma surrounding men using sex toys? Why do some men feel as though it emasculates them or renders them inferior to guys that don’t use them?

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Confronting the stigma of men using sex toys

Sex expert Nichi Hodgson has worked to illuminate what causes these stigmas, and spoke to media outlet Dazed about what she thinks causes them. She points to the fact that male sex toys have often been associated with the gay community, and this has caused heterosexual men to shy away from them.

She notes that gay men have always had to face stigmas for their sexuality, “so they’ve had to fight for sexual liberation and were able to experiment”, and suggests that this is why many male sex toys were initially marketed towards gay men.

She explains that this has caused straight guys to link gay men and male sex toys together, and “believe they might have a gay inclination if they try them out”.

The today’s sex toys for all genders and sexualities

Sex toys today are marketed towards all genders and all sexualities, so there’s definitely a toy out there for you. It can take an open mind, but trying out a sex toy for the first time is a rewarding experience and makes you a part of the normalization process.

Hodgson makes a further point in the article, adding that “If you don’t get off on your own, there must be something wrong with you sexually” – and we couldn’t agree more.

It’s up to you to decide if you want to use sex toys, not society. As more and more men take the plunge and try out sex toys for themselves, the stigmas associated with their use will fade.


Should men be ashamed of beating off with interactive sex?

We hope we’ve given you enough reason to believe not. The truth is despite the progress being made, many men are still undecided. Remember that sex toys simply let you masturbate in new and exciting ways, and interactive sex by yourself or with a partner is just another facet of the sex toy revolution.

Women have been benefiting from the use of sex toys for decades now, and their use has been normalised in society as a result. Whether it’s to alleviate some boredom, substitute the company of a partner or to simply spice things up in the bedroom, sex toys have become a staple in modern sex.

Sex toys and interactive porn

Sex toys today can sync to interactive porn, allowing the functions of a sex toy to match the movements of a porn actress in an adult film. Interactive porn can actually be a great and immersive way to introduce yourself to male sex toys.

Some may feel as though syncing a sex toy to interactive porn is a little bit too close to the matrix, however the technology available today is easy to use and set up.

The VR packs available in our store only require the use of a smartphone for example, like the Onyx+ and VR Realm pack.

Also coming under the umbrella of interactive sex, are the sex toys that can be controlled remotely. Again another great way to introduce yourself to male sex toys if you’re still on the fence, is to involve your partner.

Remote control of sex toy devices enables you to control sex toys at a distance through apps. These products are perfect for long-distance relationships or for those that would prefer to try their first sex toy with their partner.

Whether you’re gay or straight, plenty of sex toys available in our store are designed from the ground up to deliver mind-blowing experiences that are perfect for those of you that have never purchased a sex toy before.

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Interactive sex toys for long distance relationships

Interactive sex toys are ideal for those in long distance relationships or if you’re ever missing your special someone and want to be as intimate as possible despite being nowhere near.

In this age of lockdowns and social distancing, sex toys have become an invaluable tool for couples that are unable to spend as much physical time with one another.

It’s also a great way to experiment with your partner and perhaps discover new things about them and yourself about what makes you tick in the bedroom.

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