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Can Interactive Sex Ruin Your Relationship?

Can interactive sex ruin relationships - FeelXVideos

Can interactive sex ruin your relationship?

Sex toys, VR pornography, and interactive sex in relationships: it all sounds like it’s been ripped straight out of a science fiction script, but in reality sex toys and their developments have only just started to scratch the surface of what’s possible.

These changes and evolutions with technology scares some people, and many have argued that we’ve already gone too far. With so many crazy options for masturbation that can at times even stimulate people beyond normal intercourse, who wouldn’t start wondering whether or not the future of sex toys involves less actual sex.
More specifically, you might be wondering whether or not a sex toy might come between you and your partner.

Whether it’s because you’re worried your partner will become obsessed with a sex toy or vice versa, sex toys can be intimidating and there’s nothing wrong with wondering how they can factor into a relationship.

In this article we’ll discuss some of the ways sex toys can help or hinder your sex life.

Are sex toys important in a relationship?

The first question most people ask is how important is it to have a sex toy in the first place. To answer this question we have to look at how common it is for couples to use sex toys.

Some people might think that sex toys are just for lonely types that are supplementing an otherwise dry sex life.

This is in fact quite a common misconception about sex toys, regardless of whether the user be female or male. Research published by Chicago’s Berman Center challenged this misconception by surveying over 1800 women about their relationship status and use of sex toys.

This research showed that heterosexual women already in relationships were actually more likely to own a sex toy than women who were single. According to the survey, 44 percent of the women asked said that they currently use a sex toy.

However this number is higher when focusing on young women, aged between 25-34. A majority of young women queried in this demographic reported past or current sex toy use, which implies that the trend of sex toy use in general is becoming more popular.

All in all, the use of sex toys amongst both men and women has been steadily growing, eventually the vast majority of people will use them if these trends continue.

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How do sex toys affect women in relationships?

The survey above also showed that most women who said they were current or past users of sex toys tended to be in relationships already. Additionally a majority of these women did not consider sex toys as a replacement or substitute for a real sexual partner in any way.

So there is some evidence to suggest that feelings of partners being replaced by sex toys are unfounded – however that doesn’t mean that some men won’t still feel this way. Many men may feel as though sex toys derive them of purpose in the bedroom, and that they can’t compete with all the bells and whistles of modern sex toys.

In an article written by relationships guru Gal Mux for Medium.com, she recounts a conversation with one such man who was concerned with his partner’s recent purchase of sex toys.

“I recently had a heated debate with this guy that was hurt and offended because his girlfriend had just ordered several sex toys for herself. She had gotten a dildo, a clit sucking vibrator, a nipple sucking vibrator and a regular vibrator.
The guy was getting angry because he had not been consulted on this decision as he said and that based on his woman’s actions, it seemed like his services would no longer be needed.”

This can be a legitimate concern for some men and Gal goes on to address why from her perspective, it shouldn’t matter whether or not your partner uses sex toys.

She adds, “I also understand as a woman that sexual needs and preferences change with time and the girlfriend would want to explore her body and sex using the available tools and technology”.

Men and women in relationships still masturbate

This is also true for the needs and preferences for men. It’s why men and women in relationships still tend to regularly masturbate – according to research published by Paisley Gilmour.

Paisley: “Despite the stigma and misconceptions surrounding masturbation – where a person stimulates themselves sexually, whether by hand or using sex toys – masturbation is normal for people of all ages, gender identities and sexualities”.

The use of sex toys is becoming more and more common in men too, strongly suggesting that sex toys are being used to improve masturbation, rather than remove attention from your partner.

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How sex toys affect men in relationships

There is a lot of pressure on men to perform well during intercourse. The elephant in the room is that men can climax much easier than women. In fact 75% of women do not regularly climax from penatrative sex, according to sex researcher Stacy Rybchin.

This means that for some, there is added pressure on the man’s part to do a good job. If you are a guy who has struggled to make your partner climax, it would be a little intimidating to find out that your partner has a collection of sex toys that make up for the difference.

It can be difficult to not take it personally and that you wonder if sex toys and interactive sex ruin relationships. The point is that most women require clitoral stimulation in order to climax, and for the most part vibrators do a better job of this than a penis can.

This doesn’t mean that guys have to be threatened by sex toys. In fact some men even feel relief, as if the pressure is removed from them and placed on the sex toy instead.

How can sex toys ruin relationships?

It’s clear that the use of sex toys can negatively impact both men and women in relationships. This tends to take the form of insecurities surrounding a partner’s frequency of use, or the reasons behind their use of sex toys.

For both men and women, it’s been shown to be common to feel as though you are somehow lacking in some department if your partner resorts to using sex toys.

Sometimes people have very different sex drives, or like to derive sexual pleasure in a variety of different ways rather than just intercourse. This can lead to friction if one partner is more inclined to use sex toys than the other – and like with all facets of a relationship, sometimes you may not be matched with the right person if this is the case.

It takes honest, open communication to discover these things about yourself and your partner.

So if you feel as though your partner uses sex toys more often than you would like or vice versa, talking to your partner about what they want is the best policy.


Is using sex toys a signal that there’s something wrong with the relationship?

Sex educator and broadcaster Alix Fox said that: “Some folks see it as a judgment, rejection, or a signal that something’s wrong with the relationship” when partners use sex toys.

As discussed above, this is not always the case as women and men in relationships have been proven to use sex toys alongside healthy sex lives. It might just take a conversation to realize that it’s something you both may benefit from.

Alix also adds that: “Not only is it totally normal for your partner to masturbate, it’s good for them. And it can be good for you both as a couple too”.

Ultimately it’s all down to preference, and if sex toys aren’t for you then that’s absolutely fine. It’s always a good idea to test the water first however, and below are some of the ways you and your partner can use sex toys together.

How sex toys can benefit your relationship

Sex toys aren’t just for solo sessions – in fact a good means of discovering whether or not they will benefit your relationship is finding toys that you can use together.

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The real benefit here however, like many of the products in our store, is the remote functionality. Using an app on a smartphone or tablet device, the functions of the Pulse Solo can be controlled by someone no matter how far away they are.

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Interactive sex toys for long distance relationships

Interactive sex toys are ideal for those in long distance relationships or if you’re ever missing your special someone and want to be as intimate as possible despite being nowhere near.

In this age of lockdowns and social distancing, sex toys have become an invaluable tool for couples that are unable to spend as much physical time with one another.

It’s also a great way to experiment with your partner and perhaps discover new things about them and yourself about what makes you tick in the bedroom.

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