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PowerBlow: The Ultimate Oral Pleasure Device For Men [Review]

PowerBlow The Ultimate Oral Pleasure Device For Men [Review]

I was fortunate again that KIIROO wanted to send me their latest intimate product in exchange for a review. I couldn’t pass up on this offer, of course! And it promised quite a bit: the Kiiroo PowerBlow aims to transform your favorite intimate toy into the most ultimate oral pleasure device! That’s quite a bold claim, and in the following days, I eagerly put it to the test to see if they could live up to this assertion.

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First Impression: PowerBlow Arrives Discreetly at Your Doorstep

Thankfully, KIIROO understands that enthusiasts of intimate toys prefer to receive their items discreetly. Few want the delivery person, neighbors, or housemates to be aware of our bedroom activities. I received the PowerBlow in a neat package, with no indication whatsoever that it came from Kiiroo – one of the most prominent intimate toy manufacturers.

Alongside the PowerBlow, the package contained the new mouth stroker by Victoria June. While I also own the standard KIIROO stroker that came with my KIIROO KEON, this was a pleasant surprise: after all, an ultimate oral experience naturally includes a mouth stroker!

The PowerBlow is compatible with many strokers, including those from other well-known brands like Fleshlight® (as long as the casing is of the same size)!

Powerblow suction device Kiiroo - FeelXVideos

Connecting and Controlling the PowerBlow with the FeelConnect App

Connecting the PowerBlow to the Feel Victoria mouth stroker went very smoothly. There was a small manual included that I needed to consult briefly, but with its help, the process was straightforward.

I did encounter a few issues when attempting to connect it with the FeelConnect app. While the app detected my new sex toy, it wasn’t being fully recognized. After updating the FeelConnect app via the Play Store, the issue was resolved, and I was able to connect the PowerBlow with the FeelConnect app.


During the updating process, the PowerBlow put on a real disco show, flashing various colors of light – quite entertaining indeed.

After connecting the PowerBlow with the FeelConnect app, the app prompted me to choose the maximum pleasure level. It was initially set at 60, but I decided to ramp it up to 100%: I wanted to harness all the power this device had to offer to ensure the ultimate blowjob experience.

Although I had the option to link the PowerBlow with the KEON right away, I wanted to try the PowerBlow solo for the first time. I got my lubricant ready and found an enticing video on Net69. Let the testing begin!

Experience with the KIIROO PowerBlow and Victoria June Mouth Stroker

With the PowerBlow ready for use, I started a steamy video. I began manually, since you need to be aroused to insert your penis into the stroker.

After watching a short segment and getting in the mood, it was time for the real action. I applied plenty of lubricant and added some to the Victoria June Mouth Stroker as well. It took a bit of effort to fit into the stroker, but once inside, it provided a pleasurable sensation. Quite tight, I must say! I then activated the PowerBlow through the FeelConnect app. And WOW, what a sensation!

PowerBlow & Victoria mouth stroker blowjobs kiiroo keon - FeelXVideos

I immediately understood why KIIROO named it the “PowerBlow”: it’s a genuinely powerful suction device that rivals many real experiences! By creating a strong vacuum, it delivers an incredibly pleasurable feeling. Even though this sensation felt amazing, I didn’t keep the stroker still: I had the tendency to move it back and forth, intensifying the experience. And that’s precisely the intention: it transforms your standard stroker into a true oral experience! In my opinion, it’s a fantastic addition to your sex toy collection.

Use it in Combination with the KIIROO KEON

As delightful as the PowerBlow felt with the Victoria June stroker, I wanted to take it a step further: I wanted to see how this toy performed in combination with the KEON, the most advanced interactive intimate toy in the world.

You can choose to link the PowerBlow with the KEON in the FeelConnect app, but I held off on that for now. I wanted to test it manually first. So, I set the Power Blow to its highest setting and attempted to control the KEON through the app. However, I received a warning that this was not recommended. Nevertheless, I decided to proceed, controlling the KEON directly on the device.

Powerblow suction toy with Keon masturbator - FeelXVideos

This was Next-Level! The powerful PowerBlow created a vacuum while the potent KEON was stroking away. This combination, especially when paired with the alluring Net69 film, felt fantastic. This was definitely a new level of experience! (My apologies to my girlfriend if she reads this.) The warning didn’t apply to me personally, but I understand that some might need it: the combination of its power and the vacuum might be a bit too intense and overwhelming for some.

The Ultimate Oral Pleasure Toy in Combination with KEON & FeelXVideos

Time for the most ultimate oral experience: the PowerBlow in combination with the KEON, both connected to FeelXVideos content!

FeelXVideos, in close collaboration with KIIROO, has managed to create the ultimate oral experience. They have even developed POV Blowjob content specifically designed for the PowerBlow combined with the KEON. Suddenly, the promise of the best oral experience ever becomes a daily reality.

Britney Amber Hot POV Blowjobs Compilation at FeelXVideos

FeelXVideos offers a wide range of the hottest POV blowjob videos, perfectly suited for using the PowerBlow and the KEON male masturbator to achieve the promised ultimate oral experience. And that’s exactly what it delivers!

How to Pair the PowerBlow with KEON and Connect Both to FeelXVideos

  1. Turn on both the PowerBlow and the KEON.
  2. Launch the FeelConnect app on your phone or tablet. (If the app doesn’t recognize the PowerBlow correctly, you may need to update the app.)
  3. Let both devices connect to the FeelConnect app.
  4. Once they are both connected, tap the > symbol next to the PowerBlow to pair it with the KEON.
  5. Visit FeelXVideos.com on your laptop and start the process of connecting a toy.
  6. In this case, choose to connect the KEON rather than the PowerBlow.
  7. Once the QR code appears on the screen, scan it using the FeelConnect app (tap on “Media” and then select the QR code scan icon in the upper-right corner).
  8. The app will confirm that the KEON is connected to FeelXVideos, and a green light will also indicate the connection on the FeelXVideos site.
  9. Navigate to the video library and select an arousing film.
  10. Enjoy an intimate experience like never before.

Conclusion: KIIROO PowerBlow Review

As far as I’m concerned, the PowerBlow is an excellent addition to your sex toy collection. For a small price, you can transform your stroker into an amazing oral pleasure device. However, where its true strength lies, in my opinion, is in combination with the KEON and interactive content (especially interactive POV content). With this oral pleasure device for men, KIIROO once again asserts itself as the #1 prominent intimate toy brand globally, delivering the best oral experiences whenever you desire. Thank you, KIIROO!

Review by Franky (Net69)

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Once you have the PowerBlow and maybe the Keon masturbator, go to our shop and buy a FeelXVideos subscription. You can have one of 1, 3, 6, or 12 months membership, or even a life-time of ultimate interactive pleasure!

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