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ASMR Sex is Hot. Why does it Feel so Good?

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Many of us still love our old sex toys, but we are eager to make room for new ones. That’s how we feel about porn too – the old stuff is gold, but we simply need to step up. Interactive porn is a way to do that.

What is ASMR?

ASMR is a four letter acronym for ‘Autonomous sensory meridian response’. Simply put: ASMR is a sensually stimulating, yet niche category of entertainment that’s popular with streaming video sites. According to the ASMR university: “ASMR evokes “light and pleasurable tingles, sparkles, fuzziness or waves of relaxation in the head, neck, spine and throughout the rest of the body.”

While it’s been around for a while, it’s only really been used by a handful of influencers and streamers, and it’s been something of a slow burn. But beneath that slow burn is a smoldering fire which threatens to set the adult entertainment industry alight.

Reach new heights of orgasmic pleasure with ASMR sex

ASMR videos are performed in close using sensitive microphone equipment which will indulge your senses and give you soothing, scratching audio tingles throughout your body.

It represents a refreshing twist from influencers who shout and scream for attention and are forever pulling out increasingly wild stunts for views. And, as with any new meta trend, you’ll either love it or hate it. Some people are not going to see the point of it, and that’s OK.

But for the more adventurous viewers, there’s a whole new world of sensual tingling that’s just waiting for you to explore:
ASMR porn can bring your fantasies to life, send shivers of pleasure down your spine, and help you reach new heights of orgasmic pleasure.

ASMR is all about increasing the intensity, while turning down the volume.

While you may tend to think of porn as something that’s continuously escalating to ever greater extremes, ASMR videos have delivered an unexpected twist by actually garnering more views than visually engaging scenes that are aggressively competing for your attention.

This is a pivotal moment for the adult entertainment industry, where more raucous videos typically win views.

Erotic ASMR videos on YouTube have shot to the top of the charts, with many videos having millions of views. You’ll also find there’s an increasing number of ASMR focused cam performers on popular cam sites.

Far from a fleeting craze, ASMR is a growing trend that’s weaving its way into both amateur porn videos and commercial production houses.


Can you masturbate to ASMR?

Yes, absolutely. Sound in porn is sexy. And the sexual sounds of tapping nails, gently brushing against your skin and along your spine, or your dream partner whispering dirty talk in your ear, will get you hard enough to smash through granite.

Listening to ASMR sex will give you a unique sensual experience that will stimulate your mind and body. ASMR porn can make it feel like the performer is impossible close to you, stroking your body parts, while giving you eargasms and orgasms that are out of this world.

Adult ASMR performers are pushing the limits of auditory eroticism. If you like dirty talk, you’ll love ASMR porn. They carry the mantle past the threshold where mainstream ASMR stops. So, while mainstream ASMR can make you feel all tingly inside, adult ASMR will get your blood racing and jettison you over the point of no return in a heartbeat.

While traditional ASMR isn’t meant to turn you on, adult ASMR will do just that.
It offers a much more intimate and satisfying masturbatory experience. One that will open your eyes to all sorts of sensual possibilities.

ASMR proves that porn doesn’t just have to be about extreme positions and shocking visual content. It also offers a fantastic escape for those that want a more serene playtime, that’s more connected to the performers.

ASMR eroticism allows you to close your eyes and listen with your ears to explore inner worlds of sexual pleasure that are every bit as explosive as the visual content you might see on your iPad or tablet.

What is the best ASMR sex for playtime?

ASMR sex will soothe your mind and tease you to orgasm in a way that nothing else can. It’s an auditory experience that’s quite unlike anything else. ASMR blowjobs and masturbation videos are a good place to start. Expect to hear sounds such as sucking, moaning, licking, mouth sounds, whispering, dirty talk, and kisses, combined with fantasy cosplay and sensual role-play that will tease you slowly, but surely, to climax.


How The Handy is embracing ASMR technology

The Handy interactive sex vibrator is a sex toy with built-in ASMR sex tech. Not only does the toy feature endless speed and stroke variations, but it comes with a unique voice activation feature, making it the best all-round sex toy for men.

To use this, simply synchronize the Handy sex toy with your favorite porn content or cam performer, then sit back and relax as the voice activation works together with the performer’s voice commands.

FeelXVideos has a new category added to their adult content. Now you can also enjoy ASMR on our adult site and spoil yourself with the sensual sounds of this new feature.

Want to hear more? Take a look at how the Handy interactive sex vibrator can be activated by hair brushing, sipping tea, or paint brushes with the Handy ASMR – Unboxing and Synchronization Demo with Summer Fox. You’ll literally be at the mercy of your partner. Very hot!

Can you get addicted to ASMR?

Probably, but that wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing. ASMR is by nature a more gentle and meditative experience, and anything that takes us out of the daily grind can only be seen as a good thing. Add in a generous sprinkling of sexual pleasure, and it’s a win-win situation!


Surround yourself waves of ASMR pleasure

ASMR sex is like unadulterated pleasure for your eyes and ears, and it’s a pretty awesome trend that’s just starting to make its way into adult video content. It offers a very different dynamic to what you may be used to, and one which many people are pleasantly surprised by.

If you enjoy making a more intimate connection with the performers you watch, and are keen to give ASMR sex a go, we recommend you check it out!

FeelXVideos has hundreds of interactive adult videos, including videos with sensual ASMR content that are like pure candy for your ears.

Or, if you prefer to synchronize your ASMR experience with an interactive sex toy that’s triggered by voice activation, then check out The Handy Interactive Masturbator for VR Porn for the latest in revolutionary sex tech. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed!