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The KIIROO KEON Male Masturbator is the new standard of interactive pleasure. Read everything you need to know about the smartest automatic masturbator on the market today.

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What is the Kiiroo KEON?

The Kiiroo KEON is a high-tech male masturbator that uses advanced technology to provide a realistic and immersive experience. It is one of the most popular interactive male masturbator devices designed for use in virtual reality (VR) and online adult content experiences. The KEON is a motorized stroker that allows you to synchronize its movements with compatible interactive content, such as VR porn or interactive porn and webcam shows. 

The KEON is equipped with various sensors and motors that simulate the sensation of intercourse, responding to the actions happening on the screen. Providing a range of sensations, from gentle vibrations and teasing strokes to intense stroking, the Kiiroo KEON offers you a customizable and pleasurable experience tailored to their preferences.

It also has a touch-sensitive control pad that allows users to adjust the speed and intensity of the motor. The Kiiroo KEON can be controlled manually or connected to a computer or mobile device via Bluetooth or USB to synchronize with compatible interactive platforms. The device aims to enhance the user’s virtual sexual experience by providing a more immersive and interactive sensation. This male masturbator is made from high-quality materials, is designed to be easy to clean and maintain, and – together with the Feel Stroker – you can even masturbate hands-free.


The KEON & Feel Stroker by Kiiroo

Introducing the Feel Stroker, KIIROO’s groundbreaking innovation crafted to deliver unparalleled lifelike sensations. With its skin-like material, this stroker offers the utmost pleasure, bringing you incredibly close to an authentic sexual experience.

Meticulously designed to seamlessly fit the KEON by KIIROO, the Feel Stroker ensures a perfect match, enhancing your overall satisfaction.

The Feel Stroker was designed to fit perfectly in KEON by KIIROO.

You can buy this product solo or combine it with the KEON masturbator for the most pleasurable interactive experience.

Whether you choose to acquire the KEON Feel Stroker individually or pair it with the KEON, you are in for the ultimate interactive pleasure. Indulge in the most pleasurable experience as you combine the KEON & Feel Stroker, unlocking new realms of enjoyment.

A Kiiroo KEON review of a customer who purchased the KEON & Feel Stroker:

“If you keep it charged, it is fantastic!!!
At first, I was not happy with my purchase. I had read that it needs to be charged for at least 4 hours before use, but I decided to go by the charging lights to know when it was charged. The charging lights are not accurate…they fairly quickly flashed green, so I tried to use it for the first time. The battery died within 3 minutes. I was really angry! How could I last longer than a toy!!! Over the weekend I decided to charge it longer, and that did the trick. I have used it 4 times since, and it is FANTASTIC! The first time I used it, I *** so hard that my *** shot through the sleeve and into the suction cap (so be sure to open that up for cleaning). I have not *** that hard in years. I just keep it charged up for when I have the…urge…I have not used the interactive mode yet, as I don’t want to spend more money on an already expensive device (but will try at some point). In manual mode it is pretty accurate to real intercourse. The nubs on the sleeve could be bigger, but they are fine for simulating real sex. I can’t decide which is better, on my back with this thing riding my *** or standing up with this thing on the table. I *** HARD with this toy…harder than with any other toy I have, and is more realistic than any other toy I have. It is easy to clean…just keep it charged up. The charge does not last too long from what I know. I am fine using it 2 – 3 times a day, but that depends on how long I want to last. Other than that…fantastic!!

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The Kiiroo KEON is above all a Versatile Male Masturbator

The KEON represents the pinnacle of next-generation masturbation, offering complete control and mind-blowing interactivity. This high-tech masturbator offers a variety of stroking patterns and speeds, providing you with a versatile range of options to customize your experience. You can adjust the intensity and speed of the stroking motion according to your preferences, allowing for a more personalized and enjoyable session. The device is designed to accommodate different levels of stimulation, from gentle and teasing strokes to more intense and pleasurable sensations. Its ergonomic shape and intuitive grip control helps optimize your experience in limitless ways. All you need to do is let KEON unleash your fantasies without constraints.

One of the unique features of the Kiiroo KEON is its ability to connect with other Kiiroo devices, which allows long-distance couples to enjoy a shared experience no matter where they are in the world. You can connect the KEON with toys such as the Pearl 2, a high-tech G-spot vibrator, or the OhMiBod Fuse, a Dual Stimulation Massager.

Whether you seek an immersive and prolonged session with the Kiiroo KEON Collection, or the authentic feel of lifelike fake vaginas, the KEON masturbator caters to every man and other individuals with a penis, ensuring they enjoy the pleasure they deserve.

Kiiroo KEON FeelStar sleeves

The Kiiroo KEON masturbator is compatible with various sleeves designed to enhance the user experience. These sleeves are typically made from soft and textured materials that provide additional stimulation during use.

Periodically, new personalized sleeves are introduced especially designed for the KEON by KIIROO. These sleeves are created in collaboration with the “Kiiroo FeelStars”, adult models that have been selected by Kiiroo. These Kiiroo FeelStar sleeves are molded after the vagina of these adult performers and they all differ in sizes, textures, and shapes. The KEON FeelStar sleeves are intended to be easily interchangeable, allowing you to choose the one that suits your preferences or experiment with different sensations.

As of today, you have a choice of over 20 FeelStar sleeves, all designed for the KEON toy and all with different patterns, feel, and in different sizes. 

In our blog “KEON & Feel Stroker & Sizes of Sleeves. Why is This a Good Sex Toy” you can find most of the specifications of the Feel Star sleeves and find out which ones fit your penis size.

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Compatibility of the KEON by Kiiroo with interactive content

The Kiiroo KEON interactive masturbator is compatible with a range of interactive content, making it a versatile and exciting addition to any sex toy collection. You can connect the KEON with:

  • Other Kiiroo toys, like the Pearl 2, a high-tech G-spot vibrator enabled with touch-sensitive technology;
  • Interactive webcams;
  • Virtual Reality (VR) adult content like you can find on FeelVRPorn.com;
  • Interactive adult content and VR like on FeelXVideos.com

You can buy a Kiiroo Keon combo set in our shop that’s perfect for having hot moments with your partner or long-distance relationship. You’ll get 30 days free access to FeelXVideos and FeelVRPorn for enjoying interactive experiences. 

Accessories for the KEON Masturbator

The Kiiroo KEON is one of the best automatic masturbators there is on the market. Not only for its quality and versatility with the strokers, but also for the accessories that are designed for your conveniences. A few of the accessories you can buy for using the KEON masturbator even more enjoyable are:

The Kiiroo KEON Compatible Case

The Kiiroo KEON Compatible Case is a specialized case designed for using sleeves of other brands. This makes it possible for using f.i. your Fleshlight Launch Sleeves with the KEON masturbator. The KEON case is empty but has an attachment ring for attaching the sleeve to the KEON and provides a comfortable and ergonomic grip during use.

The case also features a locking mechanism that securely holds the sleeve in place, ensuring a stable and consistent experience during use. Additionally, the case can be disassembled for easy cleaning and maintenance.

The Kiiroo KEON Compatible Case is made of high-quality materials and features a sleek and modern design. It is compatible with a wide range of sleeves, including those made by Kiiroo and other manufacturers, giving users the flexibility to choose the sleeve that best suits their preferences.

You can use the KEON Compatible Case also for the Kiiroo KEON FeelStar Sleeves and sleeves of other brands that are compatible with the KEON by Kiiroo.

The measurements of the Kiiroo KEON Case are as follows:
Height: 223 mm / 22,3 cm / 8.78 inch
Width: Bottom Cap 85 mm / 8.5 cm / 3,4 inch – Top Cap 58 mm / 5.8 cm / 2.3 inch
Length: Bottom Cap 85 mm / 8.5 cm / 3.4 inch – Top Cap 58 mm / 5.8 cm / 2.28 inch

The KEON Handstrap

The KEON Handstrap is an accessory that makes it easier for you to use the masturbator without slipping it out of your hands as your excitement grows. In combination with the KEON Phone Holder (see below), you’ll have a perfect way to move around while watching porn or enjoying interactive or VR porn on your phone. The handstrap serves the purpose of preventing the masturbator from falling.

The KEON Phone Holder

The KEON Phone Holder makes your relaxation session easy when you’re using your phone to watch porn or engaging interactively with adult performers. The KEON Phone Holder allows you to enjoy interactive sex anywhere, so you don’t need to stay at home and use your TV for connecting with interactive content. The Phone Holder is easy to attach to most phone models.

The KEON Pillow Strap

The KEON Pillow Strap is especially designed for the KEON male masturbator. It makes it easier for you to have your masturbation session in any position you like. You can also use the Pillow strap as a standalone pillow for controlling the Keon when your partner’s using it. (Just an idea for having some fun sex with your partner!) The Keon Pillow Strap is quick and easy to attach to your Keon. 

The Virtual Reality Headset

The VR Headset allows you to interact with virtual environments in a way that feels natural and intuitive, creating a more immersive and engaging experience. If you like to feel interactive or VR sex like real, we certainly recommend you to buy a Virtual Reality Headset for your Kiiroo KEON. 

Tip: If you are interested in buying the Kiiroo KEON together with 2 KEON accessories, you can have a 10% discount plus 1 month free access to FeelXVideos and FeelVRPorn.com! Just go to this page and choose your KEON bundle.

For new KEON accessories, please keep an eye on our shop for updates!

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FAQs about the Kiiroo KEON

What is the Kiiroo KEON?

The Kiiroo KEON is an interactive male masturbator device designed to enhance virtual reality (VR) and interactive adult content experiences. It is a motorized stroker that allows users to synchronize their movements with compatible interactive content.

How does the Kiiroo KEON work?

The KEON utilizes advanced technology to simulate the sensation of intercourse. It can be connected to a computer or mobile device via Bluetooth or USB, allowing it to synchronize with compatible interactive platforms and respond to the actions happening on the screen.

How to connect the KEON to the FeelConnect App & FeelXVideos?

In our blog: “How to Connect your Sextoy to FeelConnect App & FeelXVideos“ we provide a step-by-step guide to connect your KEON with the FeelConnect App and our platform with adult movies FeelXVideos. 

What kind of sensations does the Kiiroo KEON provide?

The KEON offers a range of sensations, from gentle vibrations to intense stroking motions. Users can customize the speed and intensity of the strokes to their liking, providing a personalized and pleasurable experience.

Is the Kiiroo KEON compatible with other devices?

Yes, the KEON is compatible with various interactive content platforms and devices. It can be synchronized with VR experiences, online adult content, or even used in conjunction with other Kiiroo devices for shared experiences.

How do I clean the Kiiroo KEON?

The KEON can be cleaned using mild soap and warm water. Ensure that the device is unplugged and disconnected from any power source before cleaning. Pay attention to the cleaning instructions (read: How to Clean your Sex Toy: Do’s and Don’ts) to maintain the device properly.

Can I use the Kiiroo KEON without virtual reality (VR)?

Yes, the KEON can be used without VR as well. While it is designed to enhance the VR experience, it can still be enjoyed with other compatible interactive content or used manually without any synchronization.

Is it possible to only use a KEON or a Feel Star Sleeve?

Of course! You can use the Kiiroo KEON sleeves without the automatic masturbator. Though you won’t be able to use interactive or VR content, you can always use the sleeves while watching old-fashioned adult content.

Are there different sleeve options available for the Kiiroo KEON?

Yes, the KEON is designed to be compatible with various sleeves or stroker attachments. These sleeves often feature different textures and designs, providing additional stimulation and options for users to explore.

Can I use my Handy sleeves with the Kiiroo KEON?

Yes! Kiiroo designed the KEON Compatible Case which allows you to use your Handy sleeves (and sleeves of other brands) with the Kiiroo KEON masturbator.

What is the difference between a Kiiroo KEON stroker and a sleeve?

In short, the KEON stroker is the main motorized device, while the sleeve is an interchangeable accessory that provides texture and additional stimulation during the stroking experience. The sleeve enhances the overall pleasure and allows users to customize their experience by choosing different sleeve options that suit their preferences.

The terms “KEON stroker” and “sleeve” refer to different components of the Kiiroo KEON male masturbator:

KEON Stroker: The KEON stroker is the main device itself. It is an automatic male masturbator that provides the stroking motion during use. The KEON stroker is designed to be interactive and can be connected to compatible devices or platforms to synchronize its movements with virtual reality (VR) or online adult content.

Sleeve: The sleeve, also known as a stroker sleeve or attachment, is an accessory that fits over the stroker portion of the KEON device. It is usually made from soft and textured materials to enhance the sensations during use. The sleeve adds additional stimulation and can have various textures, ridges, or patterns on the inside to mimic different sensations.

What are the sizes of the Kiiroo KEON?

The size of the Kiiroo Keon are as follows:
Optimal penis size: 2 cm (0.7 inch) to 4,5 cm/ 1.7 inch
Total Length: 22 cm/ 8.6 inch
Tightest diameter: 1,4 cm/ 0.5 inch
Largest diameter: 2,2 cm/ 0.8 inch
Opening Slit Height: 2,2 cm/0.8 inch

Read why the KEON & Feel Stroker is one of the best male masturbation toys of the world!
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