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Daphne Laat – Dutch Pornstar Launches her Kiiroo KEON Stroker

Daphne Laat Kiiroo Keon FeelStar Stroker Launch & how she became a pornstar

The famous Dutch Pornstar, Daphne Laat, launches her own Kiiroo KEON Stroker on King’s Day, the 27th of April 2023. The Netherlands celebrates this year’s King’s Day with many festive events, concerts, and with a new addition to the Feel Star Collection of Kiiroo KEON strokers. If you are a big fan of Dutch Porn and especially Daphne Laat, then this is your opportunity to connect with her and feel her moves while enjoying Daphne’s interactive adult content!

*This page contains sexually explicit content.

Daphne Laat’s Personalized KEON Stroker Collection

The FeelDaphne Laat stroker has been molded after Daphne’s vagina and it’s got her signature. This Feel Star Stroker is pretty exclusive, as it is the only stroker molded from a Dutch pornstar.

The Kiiroo KEON Stroker collection of Daphne Laat consists of three variations.

  1. You can buy Daphne’s personalized stroker without the KEON masturbator.
    The Keon Feel strokers can be used as an additional stimulant while masturbating by hand. If you have never used a stroker before, then it might be a nice thing to try out how it feels using a stroker that’s been molded after a Dutch porn star pussy.
    If you own a Fleshlight, you can use this stroker for feeling something new and exciting while having your solo sessions. Of course, this stroker is also compatible with the KEON masturbator.
  2. You can buy Daphne Laat’s stroker with the Kiiroo KEON masturbator.
    With this package you have upgraded regular masturbation into interactive sex. The Keon masturbator in combination with the Daphne Stroker provides you the possibility to connect with interactive porn movies and see, hear, and feel what it is like to have intercourse with a Dutch porn star.
  3. You can buy the full Kiiroo KEON package.
    The full Kiiroo KEON package contains the Daphne Laat personalized Feel Stroker, the original KEON stroker, the KEON interactive masturbator, and a small bottle of Arctic Cooling Lube. The KEON automatic masturbator is the best high-tech, interactive sex toy in the world that can be used for long-distance intimacy and remote sexual interaction. According to many users, it is a real game changer when it comes to enjoying masturbations. There are many different strokers compatible with this toy that gives you new sensations and lots of pleasure every time.

    All strokers of the Feel Star Collection are compatible with the KEON masturbators and the FeelConnect App. With the FeelConnect App, you can connect your interactive sex toy with interactive videos, control Bluetooth-enabled devices and text one another all in the same app. Read more about connecting your masturbator with interactive adult movies.

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About Daphne Laat

Daphne Laat is a Dutch porn star born in Amsterdam on the 1st of March 1987. Laat started her career in 2016 as a webcam model. Curious as she was, she became a pornstar just 6 months later. Daphne just loves to be naked on cam and is a pro when it comes to seduction and squirting.

She already performed in over 180 porn movies (some of these are available at FeelXVideos), which made her one of the most famous and beloved Dutch Pornstars with a huge fanbase.

Shy and insecure as she was as a young teen, she met her husband who helped her to gain self-confidence. Together with him, she started to discover herself and her sexuality. After 6 months of being a webcam model, she started with her first porn movies in 2016.

“Squirting is really my thing” – Daphne Laat, Dutch Pornstar

While performing in adult movies, Daphne especially enjoys the seduction part, following with squirting and climaxing together. As adventurous Daphne Laat is, she even featured with her husband in a (straight) threesome: doing what she’s been fantasizing about for years: having sex with two men. Nowadays, Daphne is still working with the webcam. She gives men tips and guidance to make women squirt, and she helps couples with improving their sex life.

Fun experience told by Daphne Laat: “I’m known for squirting in my films, something a cameraman didn’t know. He was filming close by with a smashing result: even his socks were wet. I had to laugh a lot about it, he himself thought it was a bit less fun”.

Dutch PornStar Daphne Laat interactive sex with Kiiroo Keon stroker and FeelXVideos

Daphne’s first porn shots

The night before her first shots, nerves run through her body, along with questions such as: “how am I going to like it?”, “who am I going to have sex with?”, “how long will it take?”. Of course you have a whole conversation with the producer beforehand and you go through your do’s and don’ts together before you start recording.
You bring some nice lingerie sets, take a long shower and make sure everything is fresh, neat and shaved when appearing on the set. A script is not needed, but it is important that her face is visible. Other than that, it’s basically the same as a sex date at home, where you meet for the first time. If something’s happening that doesn’t feel right, she has to indicate this with a small gesture.

On the first evening of her pornstar career, she performed in two movies. The recordings went very smoothly and she was bouncing with adrenaline afterwards, because she loved this experience on the film set.

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“And then you tell those around you that you work in the porn industry”

In the first months, Daphne kept her porn career secret from friends and family. Until she decided to tell her friends and family so that they won’t find out in another way. Her friends immediately think it’s cool, because well, why not having a porn star in your circle of friends? Her parents had to get used to it and would have preferred to see her as a girl with a job at an insurance company or something like that, but after intensive discussions they accepted and respected her choice. “They understand that I prefer to do something that I really enjoy and that makes me happy, than to be unhappy with a job that doesn’t suit me. Everyone knows it now and it’s fine. In fact, my 92-year-old grandfather responded with: “Girl, you have to do what gives you pleasure and happiness. The only one you’re accountable to is your husband, and since you have his support I can only respect you.” Daphne: “Though he’s deceased now, I still think those are such beautiful words for someone who has had such a different life. A really nice compliment. I consider myself lucky that I was able to turn my hobby into my job, although I don’t see it as work.”

“Daphne dances in front of 30,000 people”

Due to her ever growing fame, she’s getting lots of assignments of different nature. Daphne regularly dances on stage at major festivals, together with well-known DJs, singers and well-known Dutch people. Last year she was dancing in front of 30,000 people. She is also often seen at trade fairs. Nowadays, she’s also very busy with her launch of the new KEON stroker Feel Daphne. Daphne is super excited to know that her fans can interact with her and can feel like having real sex with Daphne Laat.

Dutch Porn: Daphne Laat Films on FeelXVideos

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