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11 Sex Tips for Men who Want to Get Better In Bed

11 sex tips for men to get better in bed - FeelXVideos

11 Sex Tips for Men who Want to Get Better In Bed

Let’s be honest: regardless of how well you think you perform in the bedroom, we could all use a few pointers every now and then to help improve. Ensuring your partner is sexually satisfied is a challenge, but if you’re doing it right it should always be a fun one! There’s no magic switch or button for pleasure for either of the sexes, but women are generally a little more nuanced than guys when it comes to climaxing. So, here’s a list of sex tips for men you can try to help impress your partner tonight.

11 sex tips for men to get better in bed - FeelXVideos

Sex tips for men of all ages

1 Talk about sex

This one might seem obvious but you’d be surprised how many of us slip into the same old habits and grow complacent when it comes to sex. It’s easy to get stuck in a cycle and end up just going through the motions – once the socks stay on it’s usually game over.

Don’t worry if this is you. The #1 of these sex tips for men is a fix that’s simple and quick: strike up a conversation with your partner about what they want in the bedroom. A lot of us think that ‘getting the job done’, (or in other words: a few pumps and a cuddle), is enough to get by. But who wants to just ‘get by’ during sex? Speaking to your partner about what they want or just encouraging a little experimentation can be enough to re-invigorate your sex drive and bring you both closer together.

2 How long do you have to last in bed?

Now you can’t have a list detailing a whole bunch of new stuff to try if you’re just going to spaff it in thirty seconds – you knew this would be on here, so we might as well get it out of the way early. Stamina is important, maybe not as important as some of you think, but important nonetheless. According to research, a large percentage of men and women want sex to last 30 minutes or longer.
Luckily there are many ways to help build up your stamina in bed, ranging from edge play with your partner to even Kegal exercises (yes men can do them too) to help strengthen your pelvic wall muscles.

3 Practice self-control while you masturbate

Arguably, the most fun way is to practice your self-control while you masturbate, also known as stamina training. This has never been easier with the KEON & Feel Stroker, designed by KIIROO in Amsterdam. It is one of the world’s most advanced male masturbators. The KEON automatic masturbator simulates full intercourse, reflecting the real-life movements of your favorite pornstar in an immersive experience that is just like the real thing. If you can stop yourself here, you can stop yourself anywhere.

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4 Passive stamina training with hands free masturbation

One of the latest interactive sextoys is the Pulse Solo. The best part about this interactive ‘guybrator’ is that you don’t even need an erection to use it and it offers hands free masturbation. That’s passive training you could be doing whilst washing the dishes, mowing the lawn, or even watching TV. Doesn’t get any easier than that!

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5 Switch control

Are you usually the one to take the lead? Then it might be time to take your hands off the reins. Following up from the previous point, breaking out of the same old routine is a must if you want to keep things fresh and exciting. Never be afraid to let your partner take control – if it’s not something you regularly do, then it can be a great opportunity to learn what your partner likes if you find it awkward to ask. A fun and exciting idea is to let your partner control your interactive sex toy.

6 Use your imagination, not your mattress

Pick a spot, any spot and have sex on and around it. Seriously, if you’re only ever having sex in your bedroom then things can get stale really quick. One of the easiest ways to make sex more exciting is to do it somewhere you haven’t before. Perhaps you steal a moment in the utility and things get spicy. Maybe you’ve just got home from work but couldn’t wait to take her upstairs.

7 Having a good sex life requires healthy food

Eating healthily may not seem like one of the top sex tips for men, but it really is. Eating the right kinds of food ensures your body has what it needs to perform, and cashing out with junk food has consequences. Every guy’s likely to have had at least one bad experience of their soldier failing to stand to attention, so always ensure you eat right most of the time to ensure things work as advertised down south. Of course, that’s also when the Pulse Solo or the Svakom with the suction effect comes in handy again. 

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8 Abstinence. Seriously

Most people assume time away from sex is more likely to hinder than help when it comes to how long you last. Whilst this can be true, you’ll also find that a bit of a time gap helps to create a more special atmosphere. Spending more time during foreplay in these sessions can help you through the increased sensitivity generated from your ‘time off’, and overall makes the actual act of the sex itself more of a final course than the full dish. This takes away some of the pressure of ‘performing’ and things tend to flow much more naturally.

9 Have a full day of sex

Well…maybe not a whole day. But planning out a nice evening with all the bells and whistles can help set the mood and create a much healthier sense of expectation. You’ll find you have to think less about what to do when you’re both in a more impassioned mood. The difference between ‘making love’ to your partner and just having sex is the time you have before and after and the attention you give during. Build up is crucial, and tends to lead to a better orgasm for both you and your partner.

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10 Don’t be afraid of lube

Guys can take it as a personal failing if their partner isn’t immediately wetter than Niagra Falls, but they shouldn’t. Assuming your partner isn’t into it can really turn you off and make it difficult to keep your lad up let alone do anything with it – but girls can fail to get wet due to stress, certain times of the month or even just fatigue. Women, just like men, can fail to get as physically aroused as they are mentally, and there’s no shame in that!
A bit of lubricant can help get things started and might even alleviate the stress that caused the ‘dry season’ in the first place. Next to that, you can get lube that gives a surprisingly extra sensation while having sex – think about cooling lube or warming lube. You can get these lubes as an additional product with the sex toys, like the Handy vibrator.

11 Try new things

This tip ties in with communication and understanding what your partner wants. However, knowing just that isn’t enough! If you really want to impress your partner you should be encouraging experimentation if things have gone a bit cold in the bedroom. Discovery really helps to make it a mutual process, taking some of the pressure off you and how you perform. Ultimately some things will work and others won’t, but simply trying helps to remove any residual awkwardness you may still have around your sexual partner and will bring you closer together. Using one of the newest interactive sex toys might be of help to improve your relationship and your sex life.

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Have you got tips that help improve your sex life? Please feel free to share it with us through the comment field below. Our community loves to learn and share experiences that make life more healthy and exciting!