In this FeelXVideos review, you’ll get to know exactly what our customers think about our interactive porn movies and our services. 

Read our customer service survey we conducted in 2021, and learn why we are the one-stop shop for mind-blowing hands-free orgasms. 

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Get to know FeelXVideos

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FeelXVideos Review: Our Customers’ Thoughts and Feelings

We could talk about how great we think our blog, shop, and adult movie selection all day. But why should you believe us? Of course we think our site is the best of the best!
So, to combat any concerns you may have, last year (2021) we sent a survey to our customers, asking them about their experience using our site and their opinions. Why? To understand how we can improve our service, and so you can decide whether it’s right for you (spoiler: it is).
You’ll find our customers’ answers to various survey questions below!

FeelXVideos Review: Customer Service Survey (2021)

Demography of our customers

First of all, we started our survey with some demographic data like home country, age, education, and martial status. This is important to see if we can optimize our content to different people with various wishes and preferences.

FeelXVideos Review Customer Survey 1

Out of 500 invitations, 415 people filled in the survey. Based on this, we can see that the majority of our customers lives in America and is 30 – 45 years of age. Europeans started to find our site as well, just like the people in Canada, Asia, and even Australia.

We’re happy to see that people of all ages enjoy watching porn and interact with what they see. The majority of our customers is of age between 30 and 60 years, the younger group (18 to 30) likes to watch porn too (and why not? 🙂 ), and it’s a nice thing that the 60+ people are active on our sites as well.

Education and marital status

FeelXVideos Review Customer Survey 2

Of course, watching and interact with porn is not depended on the education. But for us, it’s important to have an indication so we can adjust our content, blogs, and guides, in order to have it all be easily to understand by everyone – no matter the education.

It’s great to see that enjoying interactive porn is possible whether one’s married, single or having a (long-term) relationship. In many relationships watching porn is a secret pleasure that we respect. Therefore, we make sure that an ordered interactive sex toy, and/or a membership of FeelXVideos, as well as the payment, doesn’t reveal the relation to porn.

Which device are you using with FeelXVideos?

FeelXVideos Review Customer Survey 3

Most of our valued enjoyers said they use the popular KEON Masturbator, followed by the Guybrator Pulse Solo Interactive. The remaining respondents pleasure-sought with the ONYX+, the TITAN, one of the two SVAKOMs, or the Handy.

More than a third of the people use both mobile and desktop for having interactive sex with their porn star or adult performer.

Do you use FeelXVideos without a connection to an interactive toy?

FeelXVideos Review Customer Survey 6

The majority (57.1%) mentioned they always use our interactive porn movies together with an interactive toy. 42.9% watch sometimes porn without a toy. We expect that the majority loves to feel the interactivity with their performer, and sometimes just want to enjoy porn in the old-fashioned way.

How often our respondents use FeelXVideos, once they signed up: a whopping 41% use our porn videos twice a week, 33% said once a week, and 17% have an exciting experience every day. About 9% use FeelXVideos sometimes – less than 4 times per month.

How do you feel about the content options on FeelXVideos?

FeelXVideos Review Customer Survey 5

Almost 29% said they’d like to see a broader range of porn categories, while 27.5% of our respondents wished for a more intuitive search tool. 25% mentioned they’d like to see a wider range of porn stars, and (18.7%) said they’d like personalized video recommendations.

As per our respondents, 79% were able to find content that suited their specific fantasies and sexual preferences in our FeelXVideos adult movie section.

We are thankful to have this feedback on our Video- on- Demand platform, because it makes it clear what we have to improve to make our customers get 100% satisfied with our services.

Which categories of porn do you like best?

As expected, our POV interactive porn videos are the most popular, with 46.3% of user votes. The three runners-up are blowjob at 17.6%, teen 18+ at 20.9%, and MILF at 11.2%. Some respondents (4%) favors our other categories.

Which aspects of our services are you most satisfied with?

FeelXVideos Review Customer Survey 5

The majority (54%) of our survey respondents said they’re happiest with the interactive content. 32% stated the video quality is the best aspect, 6% scripting accuracy, 3% replied site navigation, and 5% voted choice of categories as their favorite aspect.

Which aspect of the experience is most important to you?

FeelXVideo Review Adult Movies 2021

The majority (38.1%) voted for video quality here, which was closely followed by new content at 27.8%. Category choice was selected by 16.6% of respondents, and 11.8% said syncing with the interactive sex toys. The rest (5.5%) stated wider porn star variety, subtitle accuracy, in-app streaming, or ease of browsing.

How would you rate the overall performances of FeelXVideos?

A whopping 44% rated FeelXVideos as very good, 28% rated it as good. 12% was OK with the performances of our VOD-site, 4% was not satisfied and 2% said it’s not good at all.

FeelXVideos Review: final thoughts

When our users are happy, we’re happy; so, right now, we’re pretty pleased, judging from the survey results! 

However, don’t think we’ll become complacent. We’ve taken our customer’s feedback to heart and are working on improving various aspects of our service. 

As per our survey results, we’re working on providing more categories ranging from stepdaughter and teacher roleplays, to gay porn, including more close-up shots (note that clicking on this link shows you adult content on FeelXVideos!)

As of today, we are uploading new interactive porn movies every week. Also the search options, subtitle accuracy, ease of browsing, and information about how to connect your toy to FeelXVideos, have been improved since we conducted this survey. We also added more porn stars and adult performers to have interaction with, and now you can have personalized video recommendations. On top of all this, we set up a good customer service that’s able to help customers with any issue or question they might have.

“With high-quality adult movies, delivers without doubt the most seamless interactive experience available on the internet right now. And the best thing is: it’s affordable and personalized, so you’ll only get to see and feel what you like!”

Ivo Abels, CEO of Datoro Media


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