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11 Best Strokers for Your Pleasure – FeelStar Sleeves Review

11 Best Strokers for Your Pleasure - Kiiroo FeelStar Strokers Review - FeelXVideos

Let’s face it, for most folks, a fulfilling sex life is a priority. But what if you’re not up for a night out, or your libido is in overdrive compared to your partner’s? Enter the Kiiroo Feel Strokers, the ultimate solution. These strokers come in various sizes, designs, and enticing colors, all meticulously crafted replicas of Kiiroo’s FeelStars’ intimate delights. Whether you choose to enjoy these strokers solo or pair them with the automated Keon male masturbator for an electrifying interactive experience, the choice is yours.

In this article, we’re talking about the 11 Best Strokers for Your Pleasure – FeelStar Sleeves Review. Prepare to dive into the features and specifications of each of these mind-blowing strokers, complete with candid reviews from satisfied buyers.

Our mission? To arm you with the knowledge to select the perfect addition to your pleasure arsenal from these top-notch 11 best strokers of Kiiroo’s Feelstars.

11 Best Strokers of Kirroo’s FeelStars – Reviews

The reviews below are from satisfied buyers who purchased one (or more) items from Kiiroo’s FeelStar Collection. This collection includes various packages, each containing either the FeelStar Stroker alone, the FeelStar Stroker and the Keon Masturbator, or the complete package comprising the Kiiroo Keon male masturbator, the Feel Natalia Stroker, the Keon original stroker that comes with the masturbator, and Arctic cooling lube.

The interactive Keon Masturbator seamlessly syncs with the adult content available on FeelXVideos, where you can immerse yourself in POV experiences with your favorite Feel Stars.

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Kiiroo FeelStar Skyler Lo Keon Male Masturbator Stroker Sleeve - FeelXVideos
Kiiroo FeelStar Skyler Lo Keon Stroker Sleeve - FeelXVideos
Kiiroo FeelStar Skyler Lo Keon Masturbator Stroker Sleeve - FeelXVideos

FeelBritney Stroker Reviews

It’s probably one of my favorite strokers out of my collection, it’s super intense and the tights of it makes for a great orgasm. Feels like I’m with Britney too, it feels even better while watcher her vids too.

Really good. I really enjoyed this one it is not as intense as others i own, but this feelstar is great for edging and slowly getting teased to orgasm.

Worth the Money!!
Was skeptical but was I glad I bought this the things this toy can do is insane best toy I’ve ever spent money on.

Feel Britney Amber Stroker for Keon masturbator by Kiiroo - FeelXVideos

FeelKenzie Stroker Reviews

Great Quality.
Very nice quality and textures throughout the walls of the sleeve. Tight fit and very enjoyable.

Quality Stroker, Feels so nice!
I really love this stroker! This and the Kayley Gunner stroker ALWAYS get Me off!

Feels real, and feels fantastic. Nice tight and lots of fun!

Feel Kenzie Taylor FeelStar Best Strokers Kiiroo Keon Mastubator - FeelXVideos

FeelVictoria Stroker Reviews

Victoria Lures You In
Felt amazing. The smoothness in the beginning is a trap to get you further in. Then the real texture begins, with scintillating ribs and curves. A true unique piece, though my selection remains limited.

Like a roller coaster
This sleeve make the experience feel like a roller coaster, as soon as you insert your penis inside you feel every textures around it. The sensation is awesome and a real experience but it can be too extreme if you are in search of longer experiences, especially in VR where I find it really hard to last enough to enjoy the video. I may recommend the Rae Lil Black sleeve if you are in for a gentle and soft experience.

Fantastic, especially compared to Kiiroo original.
I bought the Keon combo which came with the original “generic” Kiiroo stroker. That always felt great but, it was a little boring after a few months. That stroker is one texture and diameter the whole textured length.

That’s when I started looking at other strokers and settled on this one because the texture looked interesting and the diameter seemed to be tightest of all the available strokers at the time.

The first time I used this stroker I felt an immediate difference compared to the original, this stroker gives a much more intense experience than the original does.

The FeelVictoria is now my go to stroker whenever the urge arises, either with the Keon or without. I will give the Kiiroo “original” one thing which is that for edging I think the “original” is going to be tough to beat.

So, if you’re looking for something more exciting than the “original” I highly recommend this stroker!

I did not know who Victoria was prior to this purchase, I did obviously find some of her work and have to say I became a fan.

Review Victoria-June-Kiiroo Keon Feel-Star-FeelXVideos
Feel Victoria Stroker Best Strokers Kiiroo FeelStars for Keon male mastubator - FeelXVideos

FeelSkyler Stroker Reviews

FeelSkyler Stroker has gone above and beyond my expectations. I’ve had a few other stokers around the same price in the past, but FeelSkyler is far more solid in terms of build and quality materials. Also, shipping to the United States is fast, arrived in two days with a tracking number. Great job Kiiroo!

Worth every cent.
Let’s start from the beginning. Price point, it’s definitely worth every penny. I’ve owned & currently own multiple self love products such as TPE dolls etc & I must say this unit is a game changer. Cleaning is super easy. Using it is just as simple & incorporating interactive videos makes it awesome. The unit is such a revolutionizing tool that it makes me want to invest in the other attachments to take it to the next level.

Buy her!
Very good feeling when you put her on the stroker. Throw a video of her on and she melts you . Great texture and tight curvy hole.”

Skyler Lo Stroker Kiiroo Keon Masturbator FeelStars - FeelXVideos

FeelLauren Stroker Reviews

Redheaded Delight
Agree with others that this is a very natural sensation feeling texture and the series of ridges and ribs/rings is noticeable, nicely tight, and contrasting stimulation that compliments the transitions and chambers well.

Great feeling and texture!
So far I’ve only tried 2 sleeves. I really like this one because it’s not too tight and therefore you can get a good feel for the inner texture. It feels close to the real thing. The opening is a bit larger than the other one so it allows for a smooth and easy entrance.

A strong contender!
At the time of writing, I own the standard sleeve that came with the Keon, Alexis, Amber and this. I have a reasonable collection from another producer but have to say that I’m almost sure this Lauren toy has perhaps beaten the rest of them hands down. A strong suction and quite the texture, it’s definitely not a toy to be used for those wanting longer sessions and that suits me just fine!


FeelNatalia Stroker Review

I’m excited about the Natalia Starr Feel Stars stroker. It’s even more soft and flesh-like than I had imagined. The orifice is detailed as well and is a good representation of Natalia’s actual footage. As noted, the texture of the TPE on this sleeve feels more close real skin in my opinion. NOTE: Be sure to only use water based lubricant as all others will deteriorate the sleeve.

The presentation of Kiiroo’s stroker case is a very sleek design of black hard plastic (matching with the Kiiroo KEON, no doubt). Right off the bat, it seems perfectly molded to hold in the hand and has a top cap that securely pops into place for discretion when storing. It literally cradles the stroker once it’s inserted. The stroker case also includes air holes and a screw cap at the bottom of the case, to aid with fine tuning suction created during use. The final detail on the case includes small ridges that enable the stroker to lock in place when used in conjunction with the Kiiroo KEON automated masturbation device.

Manual Use:
Immediately upon applying water based lube on your member and only 2-3 squirts of lube at the opening of the sleeve’s orifice, insertion is snug as the sleeve pulls you in to a taut soft hug. Once inside, the sleeve offers fine nuances of small ripples of followed by a titillating assault of stimulation nodules in its middle chamber. Then the sleeve progresses to an open ended cone of more small ripples with a finish of more nodules in the final chamber. This variance is what makes this sleeve so appealing. There’s stimulation nodules at the half mark and at the end. I find the amount of stimulation in the Natalia sleeve to be medium+ and very satisfying to use manually.

Kiiroo KEON Use:
Using the FeelNatalia stroker with the KEON is entrancing. The stimulation is outright mesmerizing. Inserting the stroker bottom first into the KEON and slightly rotating it allows for the stroker to sit in place. Once the stroker is inserted, turning it everso slightly locks it in place with a gentle click.

All in all, this is my favorite Feel Stars stroker of the two that I own (Natalia and Kenzie). I think the Natalia stroker is an all around great buy for anyone.
” (Source: Trustpilot)

Natalia Starr online sex interactive male masturbator keon stroker sleeve kiiroo -FeelXVideos
Feel Natalia Stroker sizes Kiiroo Keon Stroker Reviews - FeelXVideos

FeelReya Stroker Reviews

Sweet Reya.
Reya Feel Stroker is total Bliss. I got to practice with this one. I didn’t last long. If you want a challenge at the same time of complete ecstasy with a phenomenal climax pick this one up. Just like being inside Reya!!!

Top # 3 on my list
such a good sleve hits right at the head of my member, nice tight and smooth around where the head would be. top 3 on my list.

This thing is incredible. Pair it with FeelConnect App and it’s like the real thing watching porn on FeelXVideos. Get one you won’t regret it!

Kiiroo FeelStar Reya Sunshine interactive Keon Male masturbator Sleeve Stroker - FeelStar
Feel Reya Sunshine Stroker sizes Best Strokers for Keon male masterbator - FeelXVideos

FeelReagan Stroker Reviews

Feels really good
I’ve had a few fleshlights before and this was quite the experience, nice and tight and feels really good. The skin is soft too, the only downside is trying to keep this warm enough for you but aside from that I’m very happy would definitely recommend it to any fan of Reagan Foxx. Thank you Kiiroo this was money well spent.

Excellent upgrade for Keon
Purchased to have an alternate option for the one that came with my Keon, and it was worth every penny. You may think the standard one with the Keon is OK, and it is, but this took my experience from an 8 to a 10!

Fantastic combination of nubs and ridges, tight but not too tight, and don’t get me started on how sexy and inviting the entrance is!

Milf Reagan Foxx Keon Sleeve Stroker and adult movies - FeelXVideos
Feel Reagan Foxx Stroker Kiiroo Keon male masturator - FeelXVideos

FeelRachel Stroker Reviews

What can I say I love Rachel Starr.
The only reason why I purchased this product was to get an idea of how wonderful Rachel pussy is and it’s amazing. It would be awesome to experience her riding my cock so this will do for now. Now I know why she’s been in the adult business for so long. She take care of her pussy. If you’re a big Rachel fan like I am you will love this stroker.

I have three now, and this one is by far my favorite. It’s got just the right texture and tightness that makes it feel so real and euphoric. Paired with the Keon stroker and VR interactive experience the strokes well without a doubt test your endurance!

She’s the Texas star you always wanted!
Takes a little bit of getting use to. But with time and repeat eventually you’ll find where you feel the best of her. I prefer doggy style. And don’t hold back on the lube with this one. Lube yourself and her well. Because once you feel the stimulation and texture there’s no stopping. Slow is better than fast. Deep as you can is the best. Long strokes is best. And then you cum!

Kiiroo FeelStar Rachel Starr with the personal stroker for Keon Masturbator - FeelXVideos
Feel Rachel Stroker for Kiiroo Keon Masturbator interactive sex toys - FeelXVideos

FeelNicolette Stroker Reviews

Nice feeling
I love the tightness. The case is quiet nice in black.

Perfect fit. It’s nice but very tight inside. I would say even too tight. However, it does the job well.

Nicolette Shea Kiiroo FeelStar Stroker adult performer - FeelXVideos
FeelNicolette Stroker size Best Strokers FeelStars Kiiroo - FeelXVideos

FeelRae Stroker Reviews

Tight entry but creates a ….
Tight entry but creates a nice seal once you’re in. The simple but tight texture is great for long sessions and has a great feel.

I bought two sleeves, the Victoria June one and the Rae Lil Black one. While the Victoria June sleeve is like a roller coaster, you are in for an exceptional but very fast experience. In the opposite The Rae Lil Black one is more open, does stimulate without compressing too much and felt the more realistic for VR interactive blowjobs. It is gentle and comfortable for a longer and sweeter experience. Perfect for longer sessions in VR.

“Stroker feels better than Fleshlight.
It’s a great feeling. And the interactive content is really cool. Although I’m not sure where to find the content for the star the stroker is molded from.”

Feel Rae Lil Black Stroker Best Strokers Kiiroo Keon Toys - FeelXVideos

Sizes of the FeelStar Strokers

Interested in knowing the sizes of each FeelStar Stroker? Read our article ‘KEON & Feel Stroker & Sizes of Sleeves. Why is This a Good Sex…‘ Discover why this makes for great sex and find out which penis sizes these strokers are perfect for. We’ll also provide recommendations if they’re not the ideal fit for you.